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  1. Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via http://t.co/8RBhHiW2Bi

  2. I'm really bothered: How will T-ara perform on stage in front of the audience?.... I hope everything will be alright. **Dum Dum** nervous.

  3. A Reum Lee's uploaded picture 8 minutes ago on Facebook!!! SO CUTE @_@ <3https://t.co/uZErslj2 http://t.co/xo82WDnM

  4. I LOVE AREUM. and Dani I really pray that T-ara will be more successful ever than before... In this article, it says that Dani will join in "october".. but i read in some news "december".. which one is right. omg. AREUM is really talented... admit it.. haters please go away from this thread. -.-
  5. I want the password too.. can you share it to me? thank you
  6. I think T-ara should keep their colorful and groovy outfits...their outfits look better yesterday


  7. "Jiyeon's absent at the press conference. She's still recovering from her sickness" that's better for @pjy1234 :) Better be absent for rest.

  8. wahhh is this true? Jiyeon was online on Twitter and followed Yesung?

    Why Jiyeon did not tweet anything? T_T @pjy1234 http://t.co/tjr5OCh9

  9. #LOVEYDOVEY ~ALL KILL!!!! #1 Naver, Daum, Soribada, Olleh, Melon, Mnet , GomTv. Bugs #3
  10. your facebook name is momo saging right???

  11. yes...i miss her very much...i miss her twitter update...my name at fb is Fiq jae....add me ok??

  12. hahah.. yes i miss her too~ how about you? lolz... i know you miss her a lot too :)~

    Yes i have facebook, how were you able to find it? hahaha... i will add you~ please tell me your email address :D

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