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  1. i feel happy for soyeon she deserve to have date with her mr. right she beautiful and friendly person i just hope netizens will not too much bother her life privacy but since she's idol,i guess everyone want to know everything about her (including me lol)
  2. oh,i'm gonna cry reading this eunjung is fighting very hard for t-ara and fans that why i'm so touched when watching the goodbye stage perf she's not in good condition yet i adore your fighting spirit and dedication in your career you just give inspiration for me to succeed in my career too
  3. i love the scene when Baek Hee give sharp glare to Hye Mi and sing 'you don't know me,you don't know me' like an epic battle between 2 girls
  4. they look so pure in sad expression jiyeon and eunjung in 2nd and 3rd photos remind me to Good Person mv ah,they are such beautiful idols
  5. are hyomin and soyeon supposed to cook? wow thanks for sharing this photos i'm gonna find this ep too wanna know how their cooking skills
  6. are hyomin and soyeon supposed to cook? wow thanks for sharing this photos i'm gonna find this ep too
  7. no eunjung..huhu nice outfits..i love those black jackets why boram unnie seem tired? lol
  8. ah,eunjung is not fully recover yet that why her movement seem limited but i'm very happy to see her on stage at MuBank just hope she will 100% recover so she can fully active move around
  9. omo love those black outfits look like strong and brave girls soyeon is always with her wink (like that so much) qri unnie is so damn hot jiyeon is so pretty with her smile and bright face
  10. yeah qri unnie look much older than in YaYaYa MV i thought i'm the only one who realize that but anyway,she's our cutie-pretty she still look cute and pretty to me
  11. wow,941 contacts of celebrities i even got 100 contacts in my handphone (all my friends number but celebrities lol) she should use that to promote t-ara i wonder how many contacts that soyeon and eunjung have
  12. my former bias JIWON it's nice to see her still close with t-ara members i hope that jiwon will succeed in her career and life
  13. even in sleeping,she still cute the second photo is funny she even sleep with her mouth widely open she's working harder even now i just hope she will not stress out and get some rest,sleep and recover soon
  14. yea..new cameragirl lol and the tallest one in the group what a nice legs she have thanks for sharing
  15. soyeon wink is fabolous qri unnie is there too cute and adorable maknaes jiyeon and hwayoung thanks for sharing
  16. bravo eunjung even JYP is praised her i hope she not push hard so much worry about her injury can't wait to see the scene tonight EUNJUNG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. wow white outfits love it so much t-ara qri unnie look so gorgeous but i keep missing eunjung on stage
  18. maden is so cute he enjoy very much when soyeon and hyomin sing trot song during his birthday party thanks for sharing this
  19. t-ara look so cute in those jackets and sweaters i like the blue-gray one that eunjung wear wanna it too (can be used during raining season) lol
  20. is that IU in the bunny costume? she look cute but her face expression...LOL as usual,jiyeon is way too cute among them
  21. the first two photos look like she fatigue and don't have strength to act but after that...lol she's excited when looking for snack can't wait anymore, just grab the snack and after eating she become cheerful again (just my guess)
  22. no doubt she is jam eunjung LOL i'm pretty sure they had some fun time make pranks to sleeping eunjung poor eunjung she never get to sleep she never stop her schedules since her knee injury i'm hoping she stay much better and soon can be on stage with t-ara miss her so much EUNJUNG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. i guess i'm not the only who notices this change i used to compare t-ara since debut until now and yes,hyomin do look more thin i feel sorry to her and others as well not getting adequate rest and sleep just hoping they can take care of their health eating well hyomin HYOMIN FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. the 3rd photo boram unnie look so cute the 4th photo hwayoung lips,sexy girl (just remember eunjung lips look like that even in sleeping LOL) as usual hyomin,soyeon and qri unnie look beautiful
  25. eating time LOL t-ara must be pretty happy got to be in this event with the senator they are eating very well it's unlucky for boram unnie,soyeon and eunjung not being there
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