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  1. finally!!!! been waiting soo long !! Eunjing
  2. いっしょにおだらない

  3. Sicratotle

    [12.01.31] T-ara Triple Crown... Will attend volunteer event

    aww congratulations and im glad theyre going to be helping other ppl out. woohoo triple crown proud
  4. thats just straight up daebak mayb a little jjang too
  5. ohhh i seeeee. so thats what happenned. ok. ok. (1st)
  6. well, i was all ready for this today, but... yea... and i was in anticipation since cry cry, but... yea... whatever MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
  7. hey, those were some entertaining pics

  8. check the projects sections! there probably will be some needed soon ^^

  9. any encoding needed?

  10. lol "CCM always trolling my poor heart"
  11. Qri rocked my world here. Qri !! Qri !!! QRI !!!!!!!
  12. Sicratotle

    [11.10.07] Cha Seungwon to star in T-ara's 2-part music video

    wow 30 minute mv. that's amazing. theyre gonna be the B E S T . lets support.
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