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  1. her and her selcas are always so cuute! i love how she keeps her fans entertained with new pictures almost every other day! she's sooo nice to her fans (:
  2. yay! Core is doing something right! and we all want our girls to be safe and since so many fans are going (even the ones who didnt get tickets are fosho gonna be there)! hopefully they'll be able to get around safely!
  3. Their choreography fits their song so much! it's so retro and catchy but there's still this moderness to it. i really hope it wins on the music charts!
  4. as expected! i really hope they'll win on mubank, inkigayo, and mnet countdown! it's such a good song i think they'll make it! T-ara hwaiting!
  5. she's so cuute pretty and sexy at the same time! i really miss the bo peep bo peep days! soyeon's soooo perfect<3
  6. awww. ohkay, we'll wait just a little longer (: it's such a good song, everyone wants to see it. hopefully it'll be good! T-ara hwaiting!!
  7. Ohmg this is tooo cute! It looks so Pretty and sparkly, and there's a hello kitty case with her name on it!! I want one too! But anyways good luck with studying!
  8. Wow I'm so proud of my girls taking over Japan and Korea! First my SNSD and now my T-ara babies? I so wanna be there but unfortunately can't ): wish them all the best and hopefully as hot as SNSD now
  9. Awww. After being for a trainee for such a long time and even when she was about to debut, she still gave up... That time must've been really hard for her... seeing SNSD debut and got so famous. seeing all her juniors become her seniors. I wonder how it'll be like if she was still with SNSD and not T-ara? But i like the most now - T-ara is T-ara and SNSD is SNSD.
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