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  1. t-ara doesn't need a new member! i hope it will remain as rumor forever and ever amen.
  2. nice.. tony moly has many branches in the PH.. i hope t-ara will visit philippines soon.
  3. i'm so happy!!!!!!!! i never thought jiyeon will be on it cause she is busy promoting and then i heard she'll be going to university.. dream high 2 will be exciting cause jiyeon will be on it..
  4. i'm so glad they won.. proud of t-ara.. the pics are cool.. i can see lots of power hugs.. keke
  5. exciting!!!!! i hope they each get equal lines... t-ara trio fighting!
  6. i'm so loving their red outfits.. they suit them well ) i know they'll do good in japan
  7. i miss jiyeon and seo inyound bonding moments after seeing jiyeon's killer heels.
  8. marianne_13


    diadem's gift for hyomin?
  9. i wanna watch it.. jiyeon's acting is really good.. she is awesome.. hbd jiyeon!
  10. i want jiyeon to be on the cast too!!! it will be interesting if 3 t-aras will be acting on the same drama! ))
  11. beautiful jiyeon!.. i hope to see her in a drama soon
  12. i think seung ri wasn't hurt.. it's not such a big deal.. maybe the bigbang fans were just overreacting. seung ri is handsome! and he's the maknae of his group.. so cute
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