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  1. no ones bully T-ARA! grrr! anyway, hope they can take it easy, dont get upset with these stuff, its natural in this line of job. fighting!
  2. thats professionalism! haha good job on doing that girls! dont let small things affect your mood, just because you did sth wrong in the performace!
  3. indeed both is beautiful, but jiyeon is prettier! hhehehehe! and with that headband on her, she looks even cuter!
  4. Now I really hate her for making this remake song! It's like spoiling the original song, like making fun of it! If such stupid songs made it to CNN, then I feel T-ara should have been on CNN for many times more already!!!!!
  5. haha hes the best, he train the best singer into a best actress! and he can even organise variety shows for the girls!
  6. thats all true! dont believe it! jiyeon is nt affecting t-ara performance in any way, just because shes busy with her acting, dont mean she cant peform in t-ara!
  7. ''That's the only reason we will switch from leader to leader, so don't be concerned'' who cares about being a alpha in a group as long as they stick together?
  8. Taiwanese pop stars are suspected in plagiarizing Korean artists. its not suspected, its a confirm case that they copy 2ne1 and BEG!
  9. Shots ARE NOT plastic surgery. This has been clarified even before, by B.E.G member SON GAIN. She has gotten shots and THEY DONT inject you with the silicone that plastic surgery does i like this LOL
  10. go t-ara go! go girl! guess with these protection, more animals can be save from cruelty! wish all the best for our honorary advisors!
  11. haha now soyeon and qri have the same taste of liking leopard prints! ahahaha! she looks adorable in it too!
  12. haha, nice! but rumour are still rumor, hope the other wont get it too seriously. i know how she feel if rumour gets in too hard for her.
  13. oh man, she still wanna go on stage for goodbye stage even though shes injury! make me really touched! gi eunjeong! fighting!
  14. oh babe, take care and rest well, im waiting to see your next performance with the rest of the girls! keep up the good work and fighting!
  15. yup, certainly look older in the MV. could be because of the type of mv they filming, which is different from what she normally use to do. however, she still pretty without makeup =D
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