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  1. This MV is almost the same as dance version, just a shorter version of it where they start straight into the song! Nevertheless, loving it!
  2. Can't wait for their comeback tomorrow! One more day! Haters should just grow up..
  3. The new song is daebak! Totally stuck in my head the whole day!
  4. The three brothers are so cute! Can't help it but smile everytime I watch Hello Baby! The boys and T-ara are just too adorable and funny!
  5. Thanks for posting the pictures! Can't wait for the show to be air on KBS World this coming week! Eunjung really looks adorable in "Dream High!"
  6. This show is so cool! The three brothers; Mason Mavin and Maden are all so adorable! It's also fun to watch T-ara members taking care of the babies even though they themselves are pretty much "babies"
  7. Well, having a shot is no big deal! I wonder why everybody is making a mountain out of a molehill! At least Soyeon has the courage to own up!!
  8. Wow! T-ara as honorary advisors!! They sure are serious in whatever they are tasked to do! Can't wait to catch that episode! T-ara Fighting!
  9. Cool! Eunjung will be starring in a movie! Can't wait to catch it! Quite a great piece of news that there will be more and more Idol-themed films incoming this year! It's sure a great way for fans like us to get a glimpse of our Idol group!
  10. This news totally has no truth in it! Eunjung won't get bullied cause t-ara are all very close with each other! Hopefully Kara doesn't get split up.. T-ara, Kara Hwaiting!
  11. They should come out with their own ideas! Copying would make them go far, everybody will just get tired and sick of them! It also ruin the image of Chinese pop..
  12. There is too much makeup for Qri! I feel that the makeup artist should have use lesser makeup. Still, Qri looks as beautiful!
  13. Eunjung looks adorable even when asleep! She must have been very tired due to her busy schedule! They all need more rest!
  14. Hyomin looks beautiful in the red dress! Why is everybody in Thailand? Thanks for posting the pictures!
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