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  1. This CF is very funny, and Boram is soooo cute and pretty ^^ Love you Boram ! ♥
  2. Thanks for sharing, I prefer the colored version of the photoshoot ^^
  3. The photographers love Hyomin, there are a lot of photos of her ^^ Thanks !
  4. Yeah, the new posters in big size ! *_* The posters of the film are very good, I love it ^^ Thaaanks !
  5. Thanks for sharing, she's really pretty and cute She looks very simple and I like it !
  6. In many photos, they are so beautiful *_* Thanks ! ^^
  7. It's a great news for them and I hope the Japanese will love them as much as we ^^
  8. My Qri ! *_* I don't have any word to describe her and the effect that she has about me. I LOVE YOU QRI !! ♥ ♥ ♥
  9. She looks so mature... She isn't my favorite T-ara, but in this photoshoot, she's beautiful and I love her style. Thanks for sharing !
  10. o_o Great job ! Thanks for sharing, I love more and more T-ara because of you (or thanks to) Thanks, thanks, thanks ! Qri ♥ Jiyeon ♥
  11. Aaaaaaaaah, Qri in a drama, my dream ! Then, even if I don't often look korean dramas, it's sure, I'm going to look at this one, just for Qri ! I'm really happy for her (and for me ! ) ! It's really a good news ^ _ ^
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