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  1. 10 000 copies only?! I think it's a little unfair thanks for the news
  2. That's a lot of numbers!!!! This is one of the best songs of the year Congratulations T-ara!!!
  3. This is amazing and looks like fun I would like to play the game too
  4. Hyomin... WOW Gorgeous, so beautiful thanks for the pics
  5. wow~ she looks so pretty The show was amazing thansk for the caps
  6. wow ~ I think that is a lot of money I am very happy that the girls have much success thanks for the news
  7. I hope they have success in Japan Rest a bit, I dont want them to go to the hospital T-ara fighting ~!
  8. I definitely loved this new version of the video and they changed the choreography a bit Now I dont know which version I like better
  9. she definitely has no time for resting I look forward to the movie Take care of your health Hyomin thanks for the news
  10. wow~ he is very handsome and looks a lot like Jiyeon, they have the same eyes thanks for the info
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