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  1. Wow, it's cool like yeah! Jiyeonnie can really pull anything and be pretty ^^ And Kim Tae Hee, she looks pretty as well. Hmmm, they sure look alike
  2. Not bad ha These days, our pets should also be well taken care of. Hmmm, seems like they can all relate to this thing I wish they can provide something like for the betterment of the environment, something against climate change LOL
  3. this is cool.. keep it up!!.. huhu.. i wish i can attend it though >_<"!
  4. Oh, can't wait for next week.. this probably will be shown in kbs world next week
  5. How sweet of T-ara to participate in a birthday of a fan. I wish that would happen to me too (I mean, who wouldn't) Lucky Ha Chun wa!
  6. Oh, can't wait for next week.. this probably will be shown in kbs world next week
  7. happy lunar new year.. jiyeon is so cuteee ! ^^
  8. ahhhh eunjung in the dream high~~~ her dancing is great she is getting better and better Eunjung FIGHTING~~
  9. Hye-mi Pa.. LOL.. that make me laugh .. suzy + eunjung .. hihi!
  10. AWWW.. so cute.. .. T-ara.. im loving u .. haha !
  11. both are cute and beautiful no wonder jiyeon is known as little kim tae hee sometimes they seem look alike but seem not maybe because of the photo-shot angles but jiyeon is talented as kim tae hee in acting
  12. She's so cute~! I just watched the teaser like a few minutes ago It was good but I didn't like how they auto tuned her beautiful voice I hope they could change it or make it less cause Hyomin has a great voice but either way I loved it and will support her and this song Hyomin & Brave Brothers Hwaiting~!
  13. so cool.. Hwaiting Seungri + HYOMIN .. <3 .. don't worry it's not a big deal~
  14. I haven't watched this 2011 Idol Championship.. >.< I surely want to watch it, gonna find it, just to see T-ARA in action..LOL!! ^^
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