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    kpop and all of member t-ara , of course ^^
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  1. read my message!!! >_<

  2. owhh what a really good news . too bad my parents do not allow me to purchase anything from overseas :'( i want the signed cd so bad .
  3. but but soyeon is not the only member who has a good voice . hyomin and eunjung's voice are outstanding too . i hope by adding 2 members more is the best choice for our t-ara .
  4. i really anticipate it .. can't wait it any longer to listen the angelic voice of soyeon !! just release it now LOL
  5. it's a really good thing if our t-ara appears in the various tv drama or film or anything . but doesn't that mean they will become busier and busier . i don't want them to collapse just because of having fatigue . t-ara fighting !!
  6. oh poor eunjung . $30,000 dollars is a really something . who dare to rob eunjung's bag ?? this person is really mean and heartless . i feel bad for eunjung .
  7. i freaking want those limited edition photobook !!! but i heard the name of the new group has been decided .
  8. uwahhh amazing !!! it has not been released yet and it ranks first ?? daebak !!! congratz for our t-ara . they have done their best in overseas activity
  9. Unnie!! I'll follow u on ur twitter just follow me back please?!! Thanks unnie! Hey.. its almost been a year since we met right unni? ^^ Bye!

  10. hello.... THE PRISON OF MY LIFE update chapter 5.. please give a comment and keep reading. ^^ sorry for take long time http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17508&st=60

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