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    Learning everything about T-ARA!!!!!!! <3
    Music is my life
    KPOP of course
    Horror Movies
    My Family!!!!!!<3
    JIYEON-AH Te Amo!!!!!!!!!!<3
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  1. read my message!!! >_<

  2. you freakin lied to me.... who are you for real?

  3. wow this place is pretty

  4. OMG JIYEON AND KANGHO DATED If only it were true lol they would make a nice couple honestly all these fake sources are getting ridiculous......
  5. I wanna to fall on my face and cry all night, my favorite group is on the brink of disbandment, and Hwayoung who i love just as much as the rest of the members is kicked out :'( i might fall into depression this is no joke :'(

  6. Hey Marc^^Did you just drop by my profile to see when was the last time we chatted??lol xD

  7. belated happy birthday!^^

  8. He seems like my dad, he'll randomly get mad at you for something u didnt even do...... he does it to me all the time.........
  9. I'm sorry but who are Jungwoo and Inoh? What happened to Yoosung and Noori?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OPPA!!!!!!!

    Happy new year! :D

  12. I want Breaking Heart limited edition but i can't find it :(

    1. iwuvt-ara


      And i know it's limited but still i WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thanks for the add :D

  14. advance merry christmas phil.diadem^O^

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