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  1. jiyeon is so beautiful and cute , t-ara are the best girlsgroup ever
  2. i saw this concert last night wohoo , the looked pretty
  3. whoaaa new album!! can't wait and definitely gonna buy it! and definitely gonna like the new concept
  4. yup she look change a bit. but i always recognize her looks since baby until now. and she is natural beauty
  5. ohmyyy she definitely looks good with the long hair. and she got the aura of a model! such an impressive girl eunjung
  6. oh my good johnny! it must be great! reallly really great for t-ara definitely
  7. wooow cute jiyeon! but why seh has lesbian role LOL
  8. the doll looks gorgeous just like her. i think the priceless means it's a superb gift for her :P
  9. wooow she looks really nice in that uniform! can't wait to watch her film!!
  10. whooaa boram looks soooooo beautiful there! and jiyeon too
  11. whoaa hyomin is pretty, can't wait to watch her film! hwaiting!!
  12. awesome!! one of the most top visited place in korean for t-ara fans! good job t-ara, hope it'll be successful
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