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  1. Maybe I'm missing something here, but how does editing them out of the show help the show at all? I honestly can't believe why it would drive viewers away from watching the show regardless.
  2. As more and more of this gets out, it continues to be clear that there's an agenda against T-ara appearing on television in general. I still do not understand the need to overreact and push people off shows: it does nothing but make you possibly lose ratings when people are ready to move on from this part of T-ara's career.
  3. It's good that someone is finally stepping up to the plate and calling out these companies for being irresponsible. I don't really want to jump to any conclusions yet, but I think its a step toward the right direction to have people (other than us fans) realize that Eunjung and the rest of T-ara aren't being treated on equal ground as everyone else.
  4. As much as I'd like to think the controversy had nothing to do with this, I still think it does a little. I don't doubt this decision was reached before the controversy, as most couples last a little more than a year before they're off the show. However, the incidents surrounding T-ara sped up this process pretty quickly. Sad to see Eunjung taking a huge hit from all this...I think she's had the most activities thrown back at her.
  5. This is just starting to get kind of silly. Removing the members from scheduled shows does nothing but to cover KBS' own behinds and slow down the recovery process for T-ara. Absolutely unreal.
  6. It kind of brings to light how these companies in Korea handle controversy, which is not very well at all. All this panic over the bullying situation and now scrambling to remove Eunjung from the drama. It's wild how in both situations, it was just handled the worst way possible. I just don't understand how this stuff keeps happening.
  7. I just watched the entire episode without understanding anything haha. Just to see Jiyeon in action!! It's totally worth it to just watch it without subs, if you're a Jiyeon fan.
  8. This is interesting. I hope they mix it up a bit with the choreography since Co-Ed has a versatile group of dancers. Really intrigued by this. Looking foward to it!
  9. I'm so glad to see Hwayoung and Eunjung and the rest of the girls coming out and keeping their promise. Too bad they can't win more than a triple crown on Inki Gayo. haha These are the kind of things that separate T-ara from other groups.
  10. I wonder why they only promote this on Inki Gayo. I don't think they've had any performance of We Were In Love that wasn't on IG. Very interesting, but can't complain. More T-ara is better for everyone.
  11. I guess that answered my question of how the language difference will come into play. It must be still a bit to do everything through a translator. I'm sure Hyomin has to use her hands a lot more to communicate hahah. I am still interested in seeing this though. GO HYOMIN!
  12. Ohh its Ailee. Good to see her getting opportunities, especially on Dream High 2 with Jiyeon. Jiyeon just continues to look better by the day. Time to revisit DH1 to get ready for 2nd season. hahah
  13. omg I can't believe this...why is it always Eunjung who gets injured? She really can't rush back from this one like she did with her ankle injury. This sounds a lot more serious so she really needs to make sure everything is okay. I hope CCM doesn't overwork her. AHHHH!
  14. They should just make Diadem the official fan club!! There is already an established intl fan base to build off of, so getting the ball rolling would be much easier.
  15. this is an awesome thread. thanks for putting this up. GIFs for my favorite Lovey Dovey MV is a must have!
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