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  1. Deer

    [PICS] Jiyeon in Heroes Wedding Photoshoot (03/16)

    Pretty Jiyeon looking like an angel! So sad that Heroes has ended! T_T
  2. Wow these photos are so hot! I'm glad to say that i was actually there for this concert! They performed so well! Love them!
  3. So helpful. Praying for Japan! Hope for them to get well soon!
  4. Wow cute pictures! Eunjung is so cute! Can't wait to watch this episode!
  5. Eunjung looks so cute and sweet with her smile. I watched the fancam for this, there were so many people there!
  6. Deer

    [11.03.12] Hyomin's airport fashion.. 'sleepwear'?

    Hahaha cute style! Hyomin can pull of 'sleepwear' well rofl
  7. LOL they look so cute together! Hyomin dress suits her well lol, it seems so comfy on her
  8. Both have their own pretty faces and i don't think they really look alike >_< lol
  9. Deer

    [CAPS] Jiyeon @ MC Music Core (03/26)

    Love to see Jiyeon on music core! She'll perk my day up! So pretty! haha
  10. Deer

    [SCAN] Eunjung at SINGLES Magazine (03/31)

    Omg sexy eunjung! Her legs are so good! O_O This is a different side from her lol
  11. Deer

    [11.03.15] 5dolls collaboration, "Thankful, but sad"

    Haha i hope this is a friendly rivalry between them But well tara is much better and more famous in a sense lol
  12. Deer

    [GIF] T-Ara's Look Optimum CF (03/25)

    Ahhh haha they look so stunning with glasses on! Such cute people really >_<
  13. Wow thanks for sharing! Some fancams are so clear too! Eunjung looks the best there :X
  14. This is so saddening i've had not enought of those IU and Jiyeon cute moments together. T_T Please bring Heroes back!
  15. Please get Heroes back! I want to see more of Jiyeon and IU!
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