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  1. Kim Soo-Hyun and Ham Eunjung appears in Myeongdong, traffic "paralyzed"...guerrilla date stopped temporarily On March 5th, Soo-Hyun and Eunjung appeared on the streets of Myeongdong, Joong-gu, Seoul for their Spris Dream Project advertisement campaign. With the news, the fans filled the area with themselves even before they appeared. The two looked surprised with so many fans surrounding them. Because of their newly gained fame thanks to recently aired Dream High, the two was surrounded by so many fans that they had a difficult time walking, and the guerrilla date was even terminated momentarily. But soon, the two playfully responded to their fans' love by smiling brightly and imitating Lee Ha-nuel and Wheesung on the stage prepared in front of the Spris shop. Ham Eunjung and Kim Soo-Hyun wore blue and red jackets, putting a couple-like mood on. Soo-Hyun also proved his friendship with Eunjung by patting her head and such. The netizens responded to their visit by saying "Lucky for who was there," "I think they're going to be more handsome and pretty when I see them up close" "Aw, I'm jealous, I want to be there." On the other hand, ran by Spris is a mentoring program in four categories (R&B, hiphop, rock, and dance) for six monthes, on and offline. Wheesung, (R&B Lee Ha-nuel, (Hiphop) No Brain, (Rock) Poppin' Hyun Joon (Dance) were selected as Dream Mentors. The final contestant will have various experiences like lessons and missions issued by the mentors, and finally put on a stage on the final concert in September. *** Source: T-arafan.com Written by: Translated by: MustardMilk @ Diadem
  2. No offense to anyone, but Suzy sucks at acting... Although Eunjung is doing much better, I don't think I like Taec's acting either... IU & Soohyun is doing fine IMO. I'm wondering about the Japanese voice actors... Will it be just subtitled?
  3. ugh, i really wished that they won't do this... politician in SK? NOT a young girl's dream. and yes, I hate GNP and Senator Na, but that's just my personal political view.
  4. Does anyone even believe this? lmao They make a cute couple tho... I love E-Sens. He's talented. Love his voice.
  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a very happy Birthday! Enjoy~!

  6. Hyomin's doing great but the dude with the knife and animals and stuff, that guys SUXXXXXX at acting. seriously.
  7. HE ABANDONED QRI? B******!! LMAO jk. Can never keep up with NCSI. (Netizen-CSI) Maybe both Qri and Jiyeon hung out at his place? This is actually quite interesting anyways.
  8. It'll be quite interesting when the silse("Real power" referring to Soyeon taking the charge instead of Eunjung) takes charge. lmao. and I am totally supportive of you, Mr. Kim. As long as you don't decide to take a member out or something.
  9. hahaha Jeon Young rok is such a jokester. BEG. lol. but still, c'mon, give your daughter more support?
  10. f(x)'s Victoria added to IY.. 2 other members TBA!
  11. Plastic surgery doesn't involve plastic; plastic surgery is the broader term, including cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. The term plastic comes from the Greek word plastikos, meaning to shape. Although blepharoplasty is nothing for Korean celebrity... Actually, I want her to go to the surgeon; I don't think she got her eyes fixed yet, and she's probably dependent on tapes, which are quite effective in creating wrinkles around your eyes.
  12. OMG I LOOOOOOOOOVE THEIR UNIFORM well, it's a magnet school, and it's est. in like, 2003, but still!!
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