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  1. yayyy. Tiara has power AND charms. (: Happy to see people being interested in them, and I really hope it becomes a top song. ):
  2. omg I wish I could dance to Wanna Play... LOL. "explosive", haha. wow o__o that's a nice word to describe them. (:
  3. yaaaay. Atleast someone liked it. I agree with the writer, they are v. fresh and charming, lol!
  4. After Radio Star, T-ara will be appearing next on Gag Concert Newcomer girl group T-ara will be appearing next on KBC 2TV 'Gag Concert'. Their company revealed on the 31st that after their debut TV appearance on MBC Radio Star, they have received invitations to go on 13 other variety programmes. But they have decided to let the girls go on 'Gag Concert' on 'BoongSoongAh Classroom' with 'Wang BiHo' on the show. The company said, "Sometimes other stars who appear on the show may be able to handle Wang BiHo's malicious tongue, but T-ara girls will show their variety show sensitivity and skills through their appearance." The recording for Gag Concert will take place 19th August. Meanwhile, after the girls' debut appearance on show MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star, they will be performing next on music shows.Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo from 31st July till 2nd August. _______________________ cr : kbites + ncly@soompi + diadem
  5. Oh sorry if you wanted to translate it o_O lol It was on kbites, already translated.. soo ;p and yeah, she's gorge
  6. T-ara JiYeon, "Because of my nickname as 'Little Kim TaeHee', I was being scolded a lot" 6-member group T-ara JiYeon revealed, "Because of the nickname of 'little Kim TaeHee', I was being scolded many times." T-ara made their debut on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 29th July. She was one of thes first to show her face in the group as she worked with SeeYa and Davichi for project group and promoted the song 'Female Generation'. She said, "The company called me by 'little Kim TaeHee' in front of the reporters and because of that I was being scolded much. And about what people scold me, it is hard to say them all in one sentence." T-ara will have their debut stage from 30th July on Mnet M!Countdown. They will also be performing on other music stages this week. ______________________ cr: kbites poor jiyeon.. ;(
  7. lmao! sorry ;( baby one more time, haha. and thank god for wiki lols

  8. oof i forgot to add credits. thanks for doing it for me <3 ;p

  9. yeah, lol. i think circus is prob my 2nd fave album by her. <3bomt lol

  10. Kara, T-ara: 'Purity Through Cuteness and Innocence' When thinking of girl groups, the first image that pops up is purity. They use cuteness and calmness to emphasize their girlishness. This concept is used often because it is the universal image and the expectation of the general public concerning girl groups. This includes Kara and T-ara, who have activities for the second half of the year ahead of them. Kara's lively and lighthearted song 'Wanna' shows the group's inborn bubbly charm. The speed of the song is lively and electronic sounds embellish the vocals, while the repeated phrase is cute and strong. T-ara is entering the music industry with 'Lie,' which is a medium tempo song that emphasizes powerful vocals and emits femininity through its calm rhythm. The choreographies are characteristically calm and cute. Kara's teaser showed dancing with lots of finger movements. The action of gathering their arms in front of them and moving their hands is lively. T-ara portrays a girlish and clear image using choreography where there is not much movement except moving their hands and legs in both directions. Both groups' pure charm is best expressed by the styles of their outfits. Kara shows their characteristic lively, cute, and bright image by wearing candy-colored T-shirts along with dresses and jeans. T-ara members collectively wear either all white or black and white clothing to portray a tidy and soft image. The clothes exude a lively, pure, and innocent feeling. An employee of Kara's management company stated, "The existing image of Kara is cute. We tried to show a more mature feeling this time around with the music and the visuals. However, we did not toss the characteristic cute feeling of girl groups. This was used as a foundation so that fans can still see the characteristic color of Kara." _______________________ cr: jreddevil (trans) + soshified + Sports Seoul + diadem Originally was an article about 6 different girl groups, but here's the part about T-ara/Tiara. To read the full article : link
  11. omg.. the Lies MV looks so good, so far. I'm seriously so excited, yet so sad I'll miss their debut cause I'll be out of town, haha. and the Wanna Play teaser.. omg they really have good dancing skills.. ;D
  12. and i just noticed the mannequin lyrics <3 haha i love britney. (:

  13. Wow, these girls are sure busy doing their own things.. @__@ It's good to see them off getting different deals, haha. (:
  14. wow, sounds like a really unprofessional radio company. @__@ why would they actually play the songs..? someone must've been like not paying attention and just put in a random song, lol.
  15. aww, boram looks so small and young in those pictures, haha. and who's that girl in the mirror? she's cuuute. thanks for sharing ;o
  16. woww (: that's really good.. before a debut or even a vid. teaser hahaha. this gets me so much more excited. >;D
  17. you're welcome I guess, LOL. I like the music you listen to ;p

  18. i don't recall anyone either, haha. and i think mnet is trying to make them too unique.. LOL
  19. T-ara to debut not through music show but through 'Radio Star' Newcomer group T-ara will debut no through going on music shows but through 'Radio Star'. T-ara is a group 3 years in the making and of the member JiYeon is known to have worked with SeeYa and Davichi even before debut for project group. And she is also starring in an upcoming horror drama series on MBC. The members consists of existing members HyoMin, EunJung, JiYeon; and new members BoRam, QRi and SoYeon. The group will make their debut through MBC 'Golden Fishery – Radio Star'. This is different from other singers who would make their debut through performing on music shows. T-ara will talk about their trainee life and also family on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 29th July. There are plans for the teaser video to be released too. __________________________ CR : kbites + diadem5
  20. "T-ara is trying to break the stereotype of the typical beautiful woman that is portrayed in most girlgroups as a way to reach out to the public as well." I really like that line. ^ They're so unique so far, and they're all exceptionally pretty. I liked the 'Ugly Doll' concept because it shows off their pretty facial features because the hair is up and the blush distracts you to their face, LOL. While the one before this shows off their natural beauty. ughhhh.. I'm really excited, LOL.
  21. Aww, her mom probably feels bad. Her and her mom have like the exact same noses in that pic, kekeke. Thanks for translating~
  22. It's cute, but kinda awkward at the same time. As I look at their make-up it makes me feel uncomfortable cause I want to wash their faces, LOL. I hope their debut has to do with dolls. ;D
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