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  1. [update]: Hyomin spoke to TV Report to speak about the reports that came out today. Hyomin stated she is currently in Vietnam for T-ara schedules and was confused when she received frazzled contact from Korea. Hyomin said, “Kang Junho oppa and myself are just in a friendly relationship. It is different from the article’s reports.” She also mentioned she was in the middle of preparing for her second mini-album solo comeback. “I will work hard to be prepared to show off a good luok,” Hyomin said. *** It was reported today that Hyomin and Major League Baseball player Kang Junho have been dating since January. Is it true? It was originally reported that Hyomin and Kang Junho first met in September of 2015 when Hyomin threw the first pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game in the United States. The two quickly became friends and toured Pittsburgh together including the zoo, amusement park, and other sights in the city. Kang Junho entered a period of rehabilitation because of a knee injury he suffered and he was in a bad state shortly after. Hyomin was there for him over phone calls and SNS. Naturally, over the course of the next few months, the two became closer and closer - like brother and sisters. In January of 2016, the feelings changed from friends to more serious. It is said by ISPlus that the two began dating three months ago in January and pursued a long distance relationship with him located in the United States and her in Korea. When asked for Hyomin's agency MBK's response they said they will confirm with Hyomin who is currently in Vietnam with T-ara. Shortly after, they verified with Hyomin that the two are in fact NOT dating. MBK states, "Hyomin is not dating baseball player Kang Junho. It is true the two have a close friendship as brother-sister but they are not lovers."
  2. Taiwanese media has reported that it is possible that T-ara could be stars in Jay Chou's upcoming new music video. It was revealed recently that Chinese singer Jay Chou, who is popular across Asia, would be recording a new song as a promotional song for League of Legends and that there has been secret discussion for girl group T-ara to star in the music video. Taiwanese media website UDN reports that it may be all of T-ara or just a few members. In October of last year, T-ara officially signed a Chinese contract with billionaire Wang Sicong's entertainment company. Wang Sicong also serves as the president of China's Mobile Gaming Agency and owns the e-sports team Invictus Gaming. Because of this, this rumor seems like it could be quite plausible for T-ara. For many Hallyu stars, it is a dream to work with Jay Chou. T-ara were previously on the Chinese variety show "The Brain" with Jay Chou where he picked Soyeon as his favorite member.
  3. Hyomin will fly to Pennsylvania to throw the first pitch in the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game after a special request from Kang Jungho. On the 13th of September, Hyomin will throw the first pitch at PNC Park in the game against Milwaukee. Pittsburgh Pirates player Kang Jungho requested Hyomin. Hyomin will depart on the 11th and said "I feel honored to be abe to go to an amazing place to do this and will do my best not to cause any disturbance." In June, Kang Jungho declared Jiyeon was his ideal type. T-ara just wrapped up their promotions for "So Crazy".
  4. omg.. i wonder what it's for. they look soo good in this concept XD better than the treasure box concept
  5. The first part of T-ara's OST for their web-drama "Sweet Temptation" has been revealed today! Koh Nayoung from Superstar K6 sings "Only For You" for T-ara's web-drama. The song has been revealed as both a digital single and part of the OST as "Sweet Temptation OST Part.1". "Only For You" has a sad minor melody made by hit-maker Ahn Youngmin and featuring a 20-piece orchestra. The music video has also been released today which shows Koh Nayoung as well as a trailer for Eunjung's episode of the web-drama. Watch and listen to the video above and let us know what you think!
  6. T-ara will hold the press conference for their very own web-drama called "Sweet Temptation" on the 13th. The web-drama features six episodes with each episode having a different storyline. Each T-ara member (Qri, Hyomin, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Jiyeon) star alongside a different actor for each edition. The director of the web-drama is that who directed Jay Park, Beast, and Trouble Maker's music videos: Lee Gibaek. Previously, Jang Suwon was revealed to be Qri's partner as well as Soyeon to be partner with Lee Joongmoon. The other partners will be Eunjung-Kim Jaewook, Hyomin-Hyunwoo, Jiyeon-Seo Junyoung, and Boram-Kim Shihoo. Additionally, Seunghee of DIA will be the narrator of the web-drama and ther are appearances from Alex Cho, Kim Jongmin, Kim Minkyo, etc. The web-drama was produced by MBK Entertainment and SBS MTV and will air in China and Korea in October. The web-drama will premiere at the press conference on the 13th at the Coex Megabox theater.
  7. T-ara is known as the group to always try out fun and out of the box concepts and so fans had high anticipations for the "So Crazy" comeback this August. The first teaser images have been revealed and "So Crazy" has a concept foreign and domestic fans have not seen before. T-ara will return with a nautical/marine concept. [gallery size=large" columns="2" ids="4064,4065] In the group photo, each member is wearing a different colored marine outfit inside of a cruise ship while in the solo photos for Jiyeon and Eunjung they wear the classic blue and white charming outfits. T-ara's comeback song with Brave Brothers is a fun and distinctive dance song that is expected to cool off the summer. They will reveal their new song first at a comeback showcase on August 3rd.
  8. A behind-the-scenes video for Jiyeon's Korean-Chinese film "Encounter" has just been released today and it features different scenes from the movie including a kiss scene with real-life boyfriend Lee Donggun. In addition to that, there are various scenes that show Jiyeon and co-star Lee Donggun filming on the cruise ship Quantum of the Seas. [gallery columns=2" size="medium" ids="4052,4053,4054,4055] The movie is about a romance story between Jiyeon and Lee Donggun who "Encounter" each other on a cruise ship sailing from Spain’s Barcelona to the Indian Ocean. It will be released in China in October.
  9. Ahead of T-ara's comeback there has been a struggle with whether to comeback with Brave Brothers produced song or a Shinsadong Tiger produced song. It has been a tough decision to decide which will better suit T-ara this summer for a title track but in the long run, Brave Brothers was chosen. The title track will be called "Completely Crazy". This is the first time T-ara has worked with Brave Brothers as a group. Last summer, Hyomin released "Nice Body" which was produced by Brave Brothers. There has also been two selca pictures of Jiyeon released that are making fans wonder if the concept will be marine or sailor! Shinsadong Tiger has previously produced a number of hits for T-ara including "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Roly-Poly", "Lovey Dovey", "Sexy Love", and last year's "Sugarfree". Shinsadong Tiger competed his song "1, 2, 3" with Brave Brothers for T-ara's title track but instead it is expected to be released on T-ara's Chinese album later. "Completely Crazy" is a cool and exciting summer dance song with a funky brass instrumental.
  10. On July 17th Jiyeon was spotted filming for T-ara's web-drama "Sweet Temptations". Jiyeon was captured at a cafe in a romantic situation with a man just days after she was confirmed to be dating Lee Donggun but no worries because it is just "hard work." Jiyeon has been filming for T-ara's web-drama that will be released simultaneously in China and Korea in September. The cafe-date that captured Jiyeon in an elegant and charming state is only for Jiyeon's episode of which will be titled "Second Wish" according to the drama staff on Instagram. [gallery size=medium" columns="2" link="file" ids="3969,3964,3963,3968,3965,3962,3966,3961,3960,3959,3967] Additionally, the man in the pictures as Jiyeon's love interest is rumored to be actor Seo Joonyoung but not confirmed yet by MBK Entertainment. Its going to be an exciting few months for T-ara and us fans with a comeback only three weeks away (first week of August) as well as this web-drama release and quite a few upcoming Chinese tour dates!
  11. T-ara will join the idol group comeback rush this summer by coming back in the first week of August - 3 weeks away! T-ara had promotions nearly a year ago with "Sugar Free" followed by the unit activities with the Chinese-Korean project album "Little Apple". After that, they focused on Chinese promotions and Eunjung promoted as a soloist named Elsie. After almost a year, T-ara will comeback in August. Originally it was planned in October but T-ara has a full schedule in China in the second half of the year including performances, concert tour dates, dramas, and CFs. MBK Entertainment announced that T-ara's concept will be fun, unique, and exciting - a "cool" song for a "hot summer."
  12. July is a massive comeback month for girl groups with AOA, SISTAR, Girl's Day and Nine Muses already making their comebacks and Girls' Generation following soon. On the flip side, T-ara has been excelling in China as proven by their fanclub just recently surpassing 1,000,000 members! T-ara is the first group to reach over 1,000,000 members - they experienced a surge in members after news that Jiyeon was dating actor and co-star Lee Donggun. After reaching an immense amount of popularity in 2011 and 2012 with "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey" in Korea and breaking girl group records, T-ara has proven they are a global power artist when their Japanese debut single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" broke records on the Japanese Oricon chart. Now, they are continuing to break records for Korean groups - but this time in China. Despite that, they still continue to cater to fans in each country as proven by their 6-episode web-drama which will be simultaneously released in Korea and China. T-ara is currently in the middle of their Great China Tour and just released a new promotional video for it as shown above. They will hold a press conference on July 10th in Beijing ahead of their July 11th concert date.
  13. Jiyeon (22) is revealed to be dating actor Lee Donggun (35)! On the 3rd, a Chinese fan uploaded an intimate picture of Jiyeon and Lee Donggun showing skinship at a restaurant with staff members from the movie "Encounter". "Encounter" is the Korean-Chinese movie that Jiyeon and Donggun have been filming since May together and slowly they developed a crush on each other. According to a source, the two are not scared to show their affection for each other after the movie filming process. Lee Donggun entered the entertainment industry in 1998 as a singer but since then he has been popular as an actor in various dramas and movies including "Lovers in Paris". Jiyeon began appearing in the industry during 2007 but debuted as a singer in 2009 as a T-ara member.
  14. A new image from T-ara's web-drama has been revealed featuring member Eunjung. On the 20th, MBK Entertainment revealed a new image of Eunjung with Jenny who will be in T-ara's web-drama "Sweet Temptation" (tentative title) as well. Jenny is from the upcoming new girl group from MBK Entertainment and is confirmed as a member who will debut as a singer but also as an actress through the web-drama. So far there has been posters for Qri-Jang Suwon's "Black Holiday" episode as well as Soyeon-Lee Jongmin's "Fantasy Girlfriend" episode. More info on Eunjung's will be released at a later date. On the 7th, T-ara held a press conference in Hong Kong which collected a lot of interest. "Sweet Temptation" is the name of T-ara's web-drama which will have six episodes - each starring a different member with a different story. In addition, they will release several OSTs for the drama.
  15. T-ara will begin their Chinese tour on June 20th beginning in with a sold-out date in Nanjing, China. According to Staraz, on the 20th, T-ara will begin their Great Chinese Tour with the first date in Nanjing, China. It is their first date out of their eight city tour in China. T-ara plan to take the stage and perform a number of their hit songs and other special performances for the fans in each city. The next day, they will have a fansign event for fans in the area. Their second date will be on July 11th in Beijing. After that they have dates in other cities such as Macau, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and etc. Additionally, T-ara will have a press conference at Nanjing's Sofitel Galaxy Hotel regarding their tour tomorrow (19th).
  16. [15.06.02] T-ara's web-drama to begin airing in September; first poster revealed with Qri MBK Entertainment has revealed the first poster for six episode T-ara's web-drama and it looks like Qri will be featured first in the series! The poster features Qri in various positions including laying next to Sechs Kies former member Jang Suwon who will play the male lead aside of her. The poster shows that it will be drama and fantasy based and F-ve Dolls member Cho Seunghee will also appear in the episode. T-ara recently announced plans to create a web-drama just for themselves. They will have six episodes with different plots to each - one for each member - and a different male lead will co-star alongside them. In addition, they will release six different OSTs for each episode. The director is Lee Gibaek who is behind music videos for BEAST and Jay Park. The staff of the web-drama is from the movie "Morn Than Blue" so it is expected that the production will be extremely high quality. The T-ara web-drama is currently in production and will begin airing in September including availability in China.
  17. [15.03.17] T-ara sign a $1 million USD contract with Chinese brand Celucasn T-ara has been appointed as models for the Chinese clothing brand Celucasn! T-ara has been promoting vigorously in China lately and was the only Korean girl group to appear in the Chinese New Year special program in China -- this proved the level of their popularity overseas. They were chosen to be the new advertising models for the Chinese clothing brand Celucasn and according to Newsen they have signed a contract worth over $1 million USD (1.2 billion Won). Previously, Song Hyegyo was the model for the brand but now that T-ara is the models they will show six distinctive images beginning with the brand's Spring series. Additionally, boy group 2PM will join them as models for the men's clothing. T-ara is proving to have a busy schedule both domestically and overseas in China in the new year.
  18. [15.03.16] T-ara to begin filming for their own six episode web-drama next month! MBK Entertainment will collaborate with director Cha Euntaek to create a six episode web-drama with the T-ara members to broadcast online. MBK Entertainment revealed to TV Daily this news today and said, "The production for the web-drama will begin in mid-April and we have distributed a high amount of funds to it. The six T-ara members will appear along six popular actors which is currently being finalized in secrecy. Additionally, there will be six OSTs produced for each episode." Cha Euntaek has worked extensively with MBK Entertainment in the past and was in charge of directing a variety of music videos for SG Wannabe, Lee Miyeon, Lee Hyori and T-ara - including "Cry Cry", "Roly-Poly" and "Day by Day". These music videos were commonly around 20-minutes around and included top stars like Cha Seungwon and Ji Changwook. T-ara members have proven themselves outside of music in various drama and films so acting will be natural for them. The production begins in April for the six T-ara members and six male actors web-drama and will also be available in China.
  19. thanks for compiling the videos together for both this concert and the xmas concert makes it so easy to find each one ^^
  20. [14.11.18] T-ara reveal more pictures from "Little Apple" set; MV to be released on November 24th! After revealing the first set of photos from their music video filming of the Korean remake of "Little Apple", T-ara has revealed additional photos ahead of the November 24th release date! The men featured above are the Chopstick Brothers who are the original singers of "Little Apple". They will also be featured in the music video! MBK has chosen T-ara to be the next leading Korean group to take their chances at success in Korea for a reason: T-ara already has proven to be incredibly popular in China with their music videos ranking #1 amongst other K-pop artists. "Little Apple" is only the beginning of T-ara's foray into China but for it, T-ara will be teaming up with China's top video website Youku to help launch a major promotion for their video and song. According to Chinese media, T-ara will release both a Korean and Chinese version of the song and video, but so far only the release date of the Korean version has been confirmed. The two pictures above are of F-ve Dolls' Seunghee and Dani. They will also be guests in the music video. Ahead of the release of the "Little Apple" project album and music video on November 24th, the Chopsticks Brothers are heading to Los Angeles to perform at the American Music Awards on November 23rd. In addition to performing, they are nominated for the "Best International Music" category. *** Source: http://qh.people.com.cn/n/2014/1118/c182762-22937654.html Cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem
  21. [14.09.29] Info - Girl's Day Hyeri talks about her friendship with Jiyeon Girl’s Day Hyeri and Jiyeon share the lead MC role on SBS MTV’s The Show, but they’re not just co-workers – they’re close friends too! Hyeri was interviewed by The Mute on the 29th of September and she talked about her friendship with Jiyeon. Hyeri said, “I’m very close with Jiyeon unnie. We’re only one year apart and we share the same blood type. Our birthdays, too, are just two days apart. We also have this one anecdote. I transferred to a new high school when I debuted, back then I inherited Jiyeon unnie’s uniform. Jiyeon unnie is good to me. Since Jiyeon unnie has experience as an MC, I can just tag along.” Jiyeon and Hyeri have been co-MCs on The Show since June 4th and the fourth season of the show begins on October 28th. They will be joined by a new male MC host yet to be announced. *** Source: http://themute.kr/interview/articles/241 Translations by: Transbot @ Tumblr - http://t-arazone.tumblr.com/post/98716434953/unni-could-you-translate-what-hyeri-said-about-jiyeon
  22. [14.09.28] T-ara sign $5 million USD contract to begin entry into Chinese market T-ara has revealed their plans to enter into China. Following the immense popularity of the Hallyu Wave, Newsen has revealed that T-ara, who are one of the most popular K-pop groups in China, has signed a contract with the Chinese management company Longzhen Culture Development. The company also supports artists such as Andy Lau, A-mei, and Jacky Cheung. T-ara plan to be active in China not only in music, but in dramas, films and CFs as well. On October 13th, T-ara will depart from Korea to China for five days. They will hold a formal signing ceremony at the New World Hotel in Beijing and conduct various promotional activities. There are plans for T-ara to be published and interact with over 100 different Chinese media sources. T-ara's "Sugar Free" has been immensely popular in China with the music video ranking #1 on the domestic K-pop video charts. Hyomin and Jiyeon also took over the #1 spot when they released their solos there. The details of their contract was revealed to be worth nearly $5 million USD. Check out more photos from T-ara's contract signing over at our Forums. *** Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201409291048001210 Cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem
  23. [14.09.23] T-ara release music video for English version of #SUGARFREE.. and tease possible international club tour in October? T-ara stands with their limited edition “Sugar Free” album in the above image. Various global leading DJs have participated in creating remixes for the special album. Domestic DJs such as DJ Ferry, DJ Beatrappa, and DJ Dion have participated as well as DJ Big Bounce and Monster Factory. The top Dutch DJ known as DJ Chuckie (who has worked on remixes with Michael Jackson and LMFAO) has also participated. The special album with remixes of “Sugar Free” will be released on the 24th and all of the remixes have unique and original music. There was also a brief mention of an international club tour with DJ Chuckie’s and Sugar Free, but there wasn’t information about if T-ara will join this tour. There will be additional information revealed early next month. The special album will have 18 different EDM remixes and includes a limited edition English version. The music video for DJ Ferry’s remix has been released and is posted above. *** Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109961469 Cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem
  24. On this week's episode of MTV The Show (which Jiyeon serves as MC), viewers got a very quick BTS look into the preparations for T-ara's pending comeback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJZZfEXOITs Not much about the song and mini were revealed, but we got a few glimpses of their choreography and about three seconds to hear a quick clip of Sugar Free. Hyomin also revealed they'll perform three different songs for the MTV The Show comeback stage! Eunjung was missing from the practice video because she was filming for SBS drama "Endless Love". In addition, T-ara's new album Sugar Free was listed for pre-order today via Synnara and the tracklist for the mini-album was revealed. There will be five brand new songs and one instrumental for the title track "Sugar Free"! Check the tracklist out below with credits for the song title translations to transbot @ Tumblr. Sugar Free ORGR It’s a waste to throw you away (/You’re too good to dump) last calendar When I see her Sugar Free(Inst.) Make sure you pre-order via Synnara if that's an option for you, otherwise wait until for a YesAsia link to be available in the upcoming days! What do you think of T-ara's tracklist? Which song's title sounds the most exciting to you?
  25. On the 26th, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media has revealed brand new photos from the shooting scene of T-ara's jacket image photo shoot. T-ara will appear with a new chic and trendy image by introducing the specific EDM genre of Big room to their listeners with a Shinsadong Tiger-produced song. In addition, T-ara will once again come out with an exciting dance choreography that is easy to follow along with. In the past, T-ara has received a lot of love with their dance trends of cat dance, retro dance, shuffle dance, and robot dance. This time they plan to have a new fun and exciting dance. T-ara is still preparing for their September 11th comeback which is about two weeks away.
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