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  1. I'm happy to see this idol-fan/idol-idol love story became reality. Soyeon was so cute, she gave an orange sofa to Click B as one of their first gifts when they moved in to a new apartment. I still remember both episodes of Star Gold Bell and Bouquet where they both appeared. Almost as legendary as the make-believe love line between Chae Yeon and Kim Jong Kook. Cheers to them! Wish them happiness and success.
  2. T-ara release as a 6-member group is epic. It's original and best. I was expecting DSK as their main composer but I guess KKS still loves ST so much for T-ara's title tracks after all these years. For that, I also share the worry like few other Diadems here about ST's composing for T-ara's title track. It's gotta be fresh, different, and much better than his prev records. Let's hope the 'transformation' shown in the teaser pics delivers.
  3. This... is unbearable! Eunjeong's hair been short for a long time. Jiyeon recently sports a short hair as well. And now Qri. I wanna see Qri sporting shorter hair.
  4. Arrrggghhh....! Why? How are you supposed to express an explosive emotion with words? Saying "OMG Eunjung is so pretty!" is not enough.
  5. The amount of editing in that pic. Anyway, this should be refreshing.
  6. I like the fact that you've got your fact checked and know that T-ara's lineup was once including Jiwon and Jiae. But they never debuted with that 5-member formation. So, what counts in the industry is the 6-member T-ara, whether you like it or not. 5-member T-ara released a song, OST, but never fully revealed themselves to public as T-ara if I remember correctly. Unless they did hold a press con or official announcement that those 5 girls were debuting, I could have missed that. And the official debut for them was that Radio Star appearance. And I don't think referring to the 6-member T-ara as the original T-ara equates to saying that the 5-member T-ara weren't good enough. After all, it was JJ's decision that they didn't want to debut with T-ara. Original just means officially debuting.
  7. All this old story again. I was happy for a second that T-ara will be back as a 6-member group, until I read that Dani will be joining. And double-membership in 2 groups. CCM are indeed revolutionary.
  8. Exactly. What? Did I get tired of this game already? In the newer article CCM rep said that Areum has already received the song and been practicing, and they admitted it was a waste to keep her in T-ara. Firstly, if this solo has been decided upon since 5 months ago and the song is ready, why planning the debut in more than 6 months from now? This is so not like CCM where things are done in usually short notice, if indeed the plan is legit and not only media talk. And 5 months ago would have been before N4, why her involvement in it? So, here we heard more hypes of a plan that even sounds fishy in its entirety. Sounds more like things didn't work as desired and she has to be cut. Either Areum or CCM, or both, must have learned from Hwayoung's messy departure. Secondly, admitting that keeping her in T-ara was such a waste didn't sound good in any way. Either she's actually too good for T-ara or their management didn't know any better how to handle her. The statement discredited the rest of T-ara in a not very subtle way. All this happened after the fact that Areum was added to improve T-ara's vocals. Yet, she's too good for them and apparently T-ara have never ever needed a help in vocal department. Too much contradictory thoughts in this. While CCM seem to be handling this case softer than Hwayoung's, they certainly still look very bad. And after this second incident, have they not learned anything about adding a new member? Is it too much now to think that we might very well see this happens again in short future to Dani?
  9. Oh ok, 1 day away from Diadem and look what I came back to... what a treat! And having watched the MV first before reading this, now wonder I kept saying that this song can't be sung by all those groups' members LOL. Apparently, only 1-2 from each group. And CCM never fail in collab song. Like ProphetBlog said, this would make a radio friendly song, which means airplay, which means popularity. Would even be a lot more awesomer if performed live.
  10. Btw, I expect lots of eff words Now that's the real Countryside Diary!
  11. I just basically want to respond to all of your comments Jimmy noticed the difference in N4's venture, that is the image/sound they'll embrace in. So, we shouldn't be worried that N4 will go down the drain too easily like WG and SNSD,as long as N4 take totally different route. Musically, I bet it won't be another *Disney pop WG* or *plain strange pop SNSD*. However, few statements from the article made me worried. I was fully expecting N4 would come up with a totally new song, having met with all those big name producers. That way, N4 would have the proper GPS to navigate thru the US music market. With their current plan of releasing different versions of the same Countryside Diary song, acceptance could be a challenge. The original song/arrangement is very Kpop, but who knows if those big name rappers would be able to lift the new versions to US Top 40. Getting into US market doesn't always have to take WG's, SNSD's, and 2NE1's route. One thing in common with WG and SNSD was that they went into American TVs. I'm really hoping N4 won't take this route. Americans at large do not simply accept newcomer thru TV shows appearance/introduction. Main difference with WG and SNSD is (imo): WG's bet on Disney Channel definitely messed their audience target. SNSD's The Boys is simply a weak song. 2NE1's collab with Will.I.Am isn't really a debut I think, but only a promotion song for Intel, so this simply doesn't get into radio playlist. I'm now 50-50 on N4's US debut. *50 up* for the collab partners (and the hope for no American TV shows appearances), and *50 down* for the remake/English versions.
  12. I'm redirected to buy clothing, instead? I'm on Firefox, but I mean how do they know I need some new outfits for this spring/summer?
  13. I didn't know you're a member here good to know, btw. And yes, I don't really feel the "new-ness" of the choreo as much hyped by CCM, or maybe it's not the choreo that they talked about when they said N4 are trying out something T-ara never pursued before. The steps and outfits definitely bring back LD memories. But still excited to see the girls back! Hope the song is really fresh. Btw, the tunes in the teaser really reminds me of an old song but can't recall what that is. Anyone know?
  14. All of em sound great! Very refreshing to hear each of em sing a full song of their own. Total fan service. Soyeon shows great vocal as always, altho the song itself is nothing special, kinda like what she has done in the past. Eunjung's sounds very much like an OST, of an anime... nice vocal, can't wait to listen to the whole song. Boram's song is very bubbly, with the spring-summer feel. Jiyeon also, kinda like Soyeon, does the same sounds as she has done before like Jungle Fish and God of Study OST. Was kinda hoping Jiyeon and Soyeon would come out with different genre, but I guess the label wanted to play safe with their proven tracks. Qri was sort of expected to sing a dance song, one with not so many lyrics with full vocals. Altho the autotune is kinda not too necessary (probably added to "add value" to Qri's plain vocal), the beats/tunes are the most hyper of all so far. I thought she would sing to a tune similar to Boram's song (bubbly, cute, and not too heavy). And this dance beats I thought would belong to Eunjung/Hyomin. My rank of most anticipated songs would be: Eunjung Qri Boram Jiyeon-Soyeon
  15. Dangerous Love sounds soooooo SM-ish Like Boa could sing that song.
  16. Really? Didn't notice that, prolly due to too much excitement/anticipation and sleepiness at the same time. Thanks for pointing that out EDIT: oh btw that's what I meant by 1 sentence in the interlude (the middle toward end part that is not verse nor chorus).
  17. Awww man, I was gonna dislike this song so much for I hate cutesy song, but Qri lying on bunch of Lego pieces opening the song/MV got me real bad. I'm sold. EDIT: But dank it, did Qri really only get that opening lines and one sentence in the interlude? Even Japan doesn't give her a hope >_< If I could, I'd ask for a 50% refund. But overall, the song turned out better than (I) expected. A solid original single I bet. I really like the chorus arrangement, Eunjung, Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and even Boram get to sing it. So everyone gets to sing at least twice, that is counting Qri's opening whisper as a singing line.
  18. Who is YeIn E&M? What is Five Fingers? What is this apology for... I don't recall anything...
  19. Nice! T-ara will meet Hwayoung again, how awkward will it be... Oh wait, that's Hyoyoung, that's even more awkwarder Btw, this is nice of KKS to let Rice Cake get involved in serving rice cakes. Rice Cake is hot and spicy as always I bet!
  20. The pic where they are hugging, Eunjung seems like she's a bit hesitant. Perhaps because she thought she was hugging a boy when she herself is a womanizer
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