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  1. [iG] Hyomin's Update (03/24) cr.: Hyomin's Instagram + Dognybba + tiaradiadem.com
  2. Man, she looks soooo good with her hair tied like that!!! Thanks for compiling all those here! I uploaded all those into our gallery and some more! Link's in the 1st post. these are some I really like cr.: dailystarnews + sstv + starmk + news1 + newsen
  3. There are so many nice photos! Thanks JiyeonHolic for making this thread! Also, I upload all those and a bunch more into our gallery, link's in the1st post cr.: stardailynews
  4. So, it seems that Jiwon was with them, Eunjung and Hyomin :3 음악이 좋아요 두시간밖에 못자구 촬영갔다가 교회만 갔다가 집에 와서 잘 생각이였는데.. 그녀들의 콜에 달려옴ㅜㅜ#로앤디 #플랙 #plac #수족관 with은정,효민
  5. ^ Yeah it's really nice she's having time to other things! Also, those pics made me remember these
  6. You know, sometimes, Qri comes off really creepy and scary, at those moments I wonder how and why I'd thought she was cute... but yeah, she's looking soooooo cute and pretty in that video!
  7. None of your images are working for me :( Except for the 5th which is Qri Since I don't know which ones you used and the order I'm not replacing it... ;/ use this ones
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