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  1. Waaaaaw !! im so excited about this, i really like Ya Ya Ya song..Because at their MV They act so cute..and i love them dance.. Hahahahaha This is gonna be awesome ))
  2. only 300 from 50000 ... waaaaaaaw !!! i wish one of there is me .. i really want it .. *begging >.< i really love the cat dance of T-ara,i know all of their dance every songs hahahhaa "and to celebrate that,300 fans who ordered will be selected for a specially designed photobook" -----> believe me it is very rarely and maybe impossible to get it in my country ..Omooooo why !! >.<
  3. Omooooo jiyeon..please take care of your knee and your body..i know you are so professional about your job..i always support you..JIYEON FIGHTING !! Keep doing you commitment and keep healthy ^^
  4. When jiyeon feel pain,i also feel it..im worried about her knee..maybe she fall or something,i feel worried.i hope jiyeon gonna be okay.. i really know if jiyeon like sport,so she do with full energy but she must carefully..huhuhu GET WELL SOON JIYEON ! take care of your health and your body ! JEBAAAAAAL~~
  5. worried about jiyeon's knee..but amazing for her because she still can dance and do professional for her jobs..GOOD JOB T-ARA !! she still looks vert pretty..but i still feel so sad about her injury hiks hiks hiks GET WELL SOON MY JIYEON ~~
  6. Hahahahahaha watching Hyomin's expression is fun ! because she is funny XD im waiting for full show of sbs dalgona,i really want to see what makes hyomin and eunjung lot of laugh
  7. the guy beside jiyeon is member of SS501..Oooooooh envy !! jiyeon really really beautiful and it before she cut her bangs right? Qri also pretty !! i think all of member T-ara is pretty i think in this show .. boram looks so cute when she laugh,she laugh a lot hahaha
  8. WOW !! T-ARA IS DAEBAK !! CONGRATS FOR ALL OF YOU !! we will support you forever and always.. they very deserved to get it because of their hard work since comeback Roly Poly..honestly,i really surprised of that number hahahaa And they must getting awards of that ~ Yeaaaah !!
  9. OMG!!! T-ara's Roly Poly Copacabana Limited Edition Sneak Peek ? VERY COOL !!! Boram looks so cute and jiyeon's eyes so beautiful..i really love her eyes !!! And Qri looks so pretty .. Woooow ! They are so ADORABLE !! i wish i can get one of that limited edition >.<
  10. Huwaaaaaaaaa :""""( i really want it but i must save my money for T-ara japan albums.. congrats for the lucky 10.000 who got the album..you are really really lucky ~ surely,the repackage looks COOL !! thanks for sharing ^^
  11. Goodbye Stage??Omoooooo..i really want see them perform again and again..yes i agree Time flies really fast because im too enjoying to watching their performance with Roly Poly..i miss Soyeon winkeu,i miss Qri cuteness,i miss hyomin poses,i miss my jiyeon eyesmile,i miss hwayoung eunjung images and i really miss my little boram..SARANGHAEYO T-ARA ! T-ARA GO GO !! we wish you all the best in japan,i hope it seems a big success like ROLY POLY !!
  12. i agree if people said that Hyomin's skin is smooth and white..actually she looks so so soooo pretty in picture no.013 .. she looks so cute
  13. This is Cover of T-ara's japan albums ?waaaaw so many..but we must proud of T-ara because of their hardworks.. i really want to buy their japan albums but which album?OH I REALLY WANT THEM ALL ALBUMS >.< i wish i have it all..hahahahaha T-ARA JJANG !!!
  14. Waaaaw.. i really want buy this magazine..to remember me about roly poly and what they do at the back stage before perform..they are so stunning in this magazine..REALLY DAEBAK !!
  15. Jiyeon's Bangs make me melting !! >.<

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