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  1. This is so stupid!!! I'm so upset and I wasn't expecting such a drastic move on KKS' part. He really can just throw people away like they are nothing and then cover it up. At least she doesn't have to do millions of schedules each day. According to the allkpop article the staffs were complaining. Does this mean complaining about the bullying or about her? I'm guessing if he did address the rumours people would have said that he was lying... Guess we'll never really know the truth. Wish all the best to Hwayoung and T-ara
  2. NO!!! JUST NO!!! the best we can hope for is that only new members will be added and no one is replaced... Why take a member out when they are as popular as they are now? Even if there are new members they are going to get some much hate. I can't even imagine how they are taking the news right now. Suddenly losing people you treat as family just because your CEO thinks you are too prideful or lazy when you have been working hard for 3 years, not to mention the pre-debut period is just insane it's best just to leave t-ara as they are *stupid KKS
  3. AHHHH why is she apologizing??!??!? she has so many schedules with dream high, the musical, korean and japan promotions, and many variety show appearances as well not to mention dance practices and music shows and their own variety show not only her but i wish t-ara would get some rest and stay healthy. this isn't the first time this happened so i hope kks will let them have a break soon which probably isn't going to happen due to the fact that they japanese roly poly promotions to do in feb. Above all T-ara take care of your health T.T T-ara fighing!!!! i love how they were trying to shield her and looked out for her during the inkigayo performance ^^
  4. was expecting this XD haha typically ccm... now it's my new year's gift ^^ t-ara fighting~
  5. I hate CCM!!! making me wait so long >.< that said I can't wait for the songs!!! T-ara with Davichi... it has to be a good song ^^ DOUBLE RELEASE~
  6. I was hoping for her to be in Dream High 2 especially since she can showcase her talents and my wish has been answered!!! I hope that she has a significant role in the drama where she has a completely different type of character from her previous ones Now I have a reason to watch it ^^ Hope Eunjung with make a cameo in a scene with Jiyeon My only concern is that she will be really exhausted Hope she maintains her health~
  7. wait the tweet is in english shouldn't it be in korean? i don't think her english is that advanced for her to read the support in english
  8. The posters look so amazing!!! Yay Qri Unnie is getting featured in this mv ^^ I wonder if the other members are going to be in any of the mvs Can't wait for the comeback So excited!!! T-ara Fighting~
  9. I think yayaya is a nice fit for japan let's hope that they are even more successful with this song than bo peep bo peep!!! It's nice that they won't have as many japanese activites that means they can rest more Can't wait for their comback~ T-ara Fighting!!!
  10. The wait is unbearable especially now; since all the pictures are out !!! I want to see the mv and hear the songs~
  11. Can't wait for the mv/mini drama the pictures are so cool~ but since the mv will be released in the later part of November does this mean their entire comeback is going to be pushed back? It will interesting to see the three groups fight it out ^^ T-ara Fighting~
  12. Congratulations ^^ So proud; they always work so hard Can't wait for their new song and remake XD T-ara Fighting!!!~
  13. =O Congratulations!!! This is awesome!!! Happy that they are receiving so much love in Japan They deserve this; they worked so hard and are so talented I hope they have enough time to rest Can't wait for their new song in October ^^ T-ara Fighting~
  14. omo so long!!! Hope they have enough rest between filming and they have just come back from Japan Can't wait to watch (hopefully with subs) T-ara Comeback Fighting~
  15. so sweet how they all support each other when they're all dead tired ^^ Leader Hyomin Fighting~
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