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  1. i loved watching this CF!! the tune is so catchy too lol.. wilde rosuuu~~
  2. They are all working very hard for their japanese debut!! t-ara fighting!!!! Thanks for sharing edit: omg is that jung woo? lolol
  3. manager oppa to the rescue! i hope jiyeonnie is ok
  4. Woa ...Boram looked really pretty in the last photo! The 2nd photo, they are all like "FIghting!" haha...
  5. OMG this costume is so cute! i wish i could be there
  6. I bet any product they endorse becomes real popular! i love the little dog mp3 player from iriver
  7. i cant wait for their japan debut! I'm sure they will be very successful!
  8. lol poor jiyeonnie got shocked twice by the novelty gum =\
  9. I am thinking the exact same thing! T-ara take over the world!
  10. That mp3 is so cute but Jiyeon is way cuter with a book on her head
  11. OMG the first picture made me laugh... wow, Hyomin is getting into acting... wish her great success!
  12. they are on the cover too! really nice pictures, thanks for scanning
  13. This photo is very nice, all of them look so pretty! I can't wait for their japan debut!
  14. wow ninja qri lol...and soyeon with a katana what is hyomin supposed to be? o.o
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