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  1. thanks for sharing the pics...the girls look great as usual!
  2. JiYeon's MC skill is improving! she matches well with the rest of them.
  3. both of them look good as a couple. pity they were not linked up in Dream High.
  4. nice jackets! the girls look great! thanks for sharing the pics.
  5. thanks for sharing the pics. i like their jackets. their tops are so bling.
  6. she must be soo tired out from her various activities! do take care and hv a good rest!
  7. IU looks so cute in the bunny costumer! thanks for sharing the pics.
  8. thanks for sharing the pics. watched this drama some time ago and liked it!
  9. Dream High is a nice drama and it introduced me to Kpop as many singers were casted for this show.
  10. thanks for sharing the pics! the girls have alot of costumes in varying colours for their new song. it's great!
  11. they deserve the win for their hard work! Roly Poly is really successful!
  12. thanks for sharing the pics. i wanna get all their signatures!
  13. the girls look sp good in the photoshoot. then again, they alwiz look very good in anything anytime anywhere. hahaaa
  14. thanks for sharing the pics... i like their dresses! it looks retro and stylish.
  15. glad to know that they appreciate's fans gifts to them. u r really lucky!
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