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  1. They seemed really lackluster when I saw them at KBS music bank yesterday too.
  2. I saw the video in question. I like the song, but I think the dance could be a little more catchy. The current version is kind of boring. The song seems like a transformed version of Madonna's Love Profusion (which I liked).
  3. I just paid for my domestic membership (not the foreign membership which is cheaper) I hope I can go!
  4. This announcement bothers me on a number of levels. I feel really bad for the girls. They deserve better.
  5. Meh more members does not equal more popularity. If they are serious about going international, maybe they will be English speakers, but beyond that I think this is silly. All they will do is make it harder to focus on Hyomin and Soyeon.
  6. kkkk I told Soyeon that fans worried about their health many times. Nice to see they are acknowledging our concerns.
  7. Oh hell yeah! I just need to find the scouting locations. 4 Words: BB Creme & Glitter kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  8. PJ! can i share your story of accidentaly meet soyeon in my t-ara forum in indonesia?


  9. So far Soyeon wins the sexy award for this concept IMO. Hyomin had it for the last concept (in Korea).
  10. Where did this come from? Preorders haven't shipped yet and they aren't available in Korean stores until Tuesday.
  11. hhhmmm bo peep bo peep bo peep OH! bo peep bo peep bo peep AH AH! I get it. Perfectly logical actually. Constipation or never ending blow out diarrhea ... staring at the toilet paper on the wall... I kinda wish I didn't read that.
  12. Toilet Paper... Biscuits... I'm beginning to see a care package full of pine tree air fresheners in his future.
  13. Grrr... I'm soooooooooooooo tempted to skip class and go to MNet tomorrow but I have already signed up for music bank and I can't miss half a week of class... after missing today for Wave K.
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