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  1. they dont? i thought they moved to a bigger dorm recently to accommodate the new members?
  2. oh great.... all these DANI HERE DANI THERE has made me forget completely about our mysterious 8th member. as if one disappointment isnt enough.... wae ireoni??
  3. LOL the title sounds completely sarcastic. does tiaradiadem hate the idea of her becoming a member? T-ara's Dani pictured at a movie theater, "completely innocent" T-ara's Dani rejects 200 million won CF offer, "Too busy learning choreography"
  4. hyomin hwayoung ahh btw where's dear leader, soyanni ?
  5. how are the korean QUEEN'S reacting to this news? why arent they holding their hands up in uproar? CCM is a total joke. t-ara will become a laughing stock. i just cannot fathom how a 14yo kid can become an idol group member. hell, she's even half a DECADE younger than JY HY!
  6. total rubbish i think. this is just a ruse to get the 7-ara fans to accept her. wow shes good enough for t-ara! wow maybe she will be an asset for t-ara! wow she's totally daebak!
  7. hmm, i feel abit upset they left out the other 4 members. but anyway since this CF is so gorgeously cute, i will close one eye. yes i really love eunjung hair. she rocks that hairstyle. it's like her trademark lol
  8. hwayoung is so cute with that apple hair. yeah the fluffed up hair does not suit her i think hyomin is wearing stockings, those are part of the design
  9. yea they are funny. the 1st qri picture they photoshop out her trademark lol. and her 2nd pic just looks plain awkward
  10. T-ara will release a teaser video for their new album featuring Jonte on the 24th at 3:00 KST via GomTV. which 24th is it? june or today?! [/b]
  11. i swear i was really jealous of gang kiz's song until i hear t-ara's. both songs are really that good!
  12. thanks alot! now if only those pictures were 16:9 aspect ratio instead
  13. this should be their arrival back at Gimpo Airport instead, after their japan promotion.
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