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  1. not bad....... this one was well edited.. as least SY hand is still there.... and window was touch-up
  2. same as u i tot of getting it but than i decide to put on hold. still remember the video of their trip on how they take photos and so how.. on how they make this book.. at the same time they could also removed some nice pic... wonder will this be removed? original one some pic was photoshop edit away like this one doesnt look nice.
  3. Is this the same photobk as that one which only sold in Thailand concert? than those who purchased the 1st pre one with hwayoung on it?
  4. wonder will they remove hwayoung? becos the pervious year there are hwayoung inside...
  5. look better than than MV version they really put alot of effort to edit this video
  6. for us as international fan.. ya we see nth wrong but not matter what t-ara most fans base are still south korea........ so ya maybe something do happen in their country, their Culture
  7. Well i dont blame those reporter for asking those question, is their job. When you are working (Anywhere) you had to face the reality fact, do it or quit the job. This is life.
  8. not again not again... maybe t-ara or kks should use mouth to talk rather than make statement.. to clear the doubt.
  9. I not Bias on HWA but I won’t buy this statement. The problem come so far is all because of KKS & his great management. His PR say 6 T-ARA Twitter was hack that lead ppl think FISHY and start to dig and Stir! He extend the Stir by adding more fuel by Fire HWA without proper statement and break into more Fans WAR! All the while he been think he is big now he know what is FANS so call. To what I understand in Korea, Fans are taking very serious on idol (where u are the popular). KKS should retire, his brain won’t work in 2012 And Damn he so thick skin and don’t admit it is his fault that cause this! Poor Hwa, she had to take all the bullet herself. I think KKS will make her take more bullet.
  10. He explain like never explain.. HE did not explain why 6 T-ara twitter was Hack He did not explain Why HWA never go on Stage! I only know he is a Troll King! I can see more xxxx he is going to push to hwa
  11. ya ya ya!!! I will see more news abt how KKS push the blame on her i want to know why is she crying at the backstage in Music Bank and why she is being block outside the waiting room!!!
  12. WE will never believe a TROLL KING! hate him.. t-ara is not longer t-ara!!!
  13. i think it part of the plot.. to least the damage of cancel tix...
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