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  1. I read this news on the other site. And thinking why she didn't have bodyguards? And is the money with her? I mean, they are popular in Europe now. Tsk. But thankfully she wasn't hurt...
  2. Kim Kwangsoo's main point for this member addition is for publicity. He just want attention, and this is his plan. Can't he just focus on T-ara more? I mean, look at Boram or Qri they have the least line to a song. Think carefully Kim Kwangsoo please....
  3. ysaramos

    Gimpo (19)

    Borammie looks scary here. She looks sick..
  4. She looks like a goddess in the third photo. Omo. My eyes. She's so beautifullll.....
  5. There's only two of them? I thought it be their date but they have other friends with them..
  6. Wow. I think Papa s a great movie. It' so good to see her supporting other actors. I love her bag. Not the whole outfit. K:)
  7. Wow. Thanks for sharing.. I love this album. They all look good and the songs are all beautiful..
  8. I'm excited for this episode. Because Running Man as my favorite Variety Show and Hyomin as T-ara member. I hope she doesn't get edited out. Keke Aww. No Monday Couple moments coz she was partnered by Gary Oppa.
  9. Omo. They all look like dolls in the first photo. And Hwayoung looks hot in the thid photo. Compared to Korean Version of Roly Poly, this Japanese Roly Poly looks futuristic. LOL
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