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  1. I think Roly Poly in Japanese would sound good! Also think it would be a great hit!
  2. I can barely wait to see the whole thing!! The teasers and the behind the scenes only made me more and more curious!!!
  3. It looks like High School Musical like pictures! LMAO But way more cuter ;;~
  4. They look really alike to me! I'm happy that they look like they had a good time!
  5. Loved all the pictures but loving the best the last two ones! Eunjung looks so pretty!
  6. That episode was hilarious! I think she should play with Kook more often, they go along well!
  7. Forever loving on Eunjung's and Qri's~ Qri looks amazingly, as always~
  8. It looks professional~ I wish I had the money to buy it and if I had, wish I could buy things online. >>~
  9. I liked the Korean version better than the Japanese one, but the PV is kinda cuter to me~
  10. Jiyeon with sunglasses in performances make her look so cool!!!
  11. Soyeon looks so young and fresh on that selca~ And I liked pictures with Boram and Jiyeon! They look like they had fun taking them!
  12. Uri T-ARA girl's Jjang :33 I was so proud at all of them, all looking so pretty~ Being bias on my baby Jiyeon a bit tho ke
  13. Sad that T-ARA will never come to my country ;3; But but I really want to attend ;3; But no oney to fly to Japan...
  14. Eunjung's spot of fashion killer really fits her~ Ji looks like... Ji LMAO and Hyomin is looking great~
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