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  1. [TWITTER] Twitter Updates : Boram, Hyomin, Q-ri (02/10) Boram Hyomin Q-ri CREDIT: Boram, Hyomin, Q-ri's twitters + DarkHand + tiaradiadem.com
  2. Thanks for sharing~ I think Jiyeon lost weight.. But shes still cute
  3. Thank you for the pictures~ Jiyeon and her bubble gum Love it!
  4. I really like jiyeon's style. cool~ Hyomin is also cool here~ not here usual style though but cool ^^
  5. daebakkk! Jiyeon looks so cool with the shades! and of course THE BUBBLE GUM
  6. ROFL! This is very funny! haha I mean TOILET PAPERS? HAHAHA
  7. I like their concept. Jiyeon sooo pretty Hope they will be successful in japan~ T-ara HWAITING!~
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