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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.13] T-ara surprise fans outside Inkigayo with snacks   
    [13.10.13] T-ara surprise fans outside Inkigayo with snacks

    T-ara surprised over 300 fans waiting for them outside of Inkigayo.

    In order to thank the fans who arrived early in the morning to attend the SBS "Inkigayo" pre-recording, T-ara treated over 300 of their fans to ricecakes and fishcakes and other snacks as a gift.

    T-ara members bought the gifts with their own money and arranged the surprise themselves. They were with fans from around 7 AM to 8:30 AM before going to rehearsals.

    T-ara said, "Up until now, we have received a lot (from fans). We wanted to do something, despite small, to show our gratitude towards our fans. T-ara's fans, and other singer's as well, struggle by getting up early in the morning just to see a short performance, so we want them to eat comfortably today."

    They finished by saying, "We can't be singers without our fans, so we don't forget to thank them. We will work hard on stage for them."

    T-ara will have their comeback stage on SBS "Inkigayo" tonight at 3:40 PM KST.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131013n06294
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.15] "This is not our comeback. This is our re-debut with our six original members."   
    [13.10.15] "This is not our comeback. This is our re-debut with our six original members."

    The past year was an eventful year for T-ara. Frequent activities, events, and more, but also all kinds of rumors and malicious comments that are countless. After promoting nonstop for four years, it seems like everything they had worked for was lost over the past year. They had a lot of opportunities in their career, but instead they just watched what they had already end.

    On the 14th, T-ara met in a cafe in Gangnam to discuss this as well as their new comeback album released on the 10th. Despite all of this, T-ara were still smiling and satisfied with the result of their promotions so far.

    "The response to our new album was better than we expected. We worried and talked about how the public would view us every day. It made us anxious, but we were all united to become better (as a group.)"

    Despite various times they felt bitter about their controversy, all members admitted they have matured. Instead of promoting with the goal of #1 in mind, T-ara promoted with the thought of rewarding the fans who still believed in them. "We did in a way lose our original intentions. We weren't proud when this event had occurred. It made us realize how important our parents, family, friends and staff members are; and above all, it made us realize how important our members are.

    T-ara will soon be into their fifth year of promotions since their debut. The members of T-ara have gone through many toxic changes. T-ara answered why they frequently changed their group. "Honestly, it's true of most idol groups. Our agency is full of staff who are experts and know what to do. The process (of changing members) helped us show better sides of us."

    T-ara has gone back to year one. Their goal is simple. T-ara want to be loved every moment they can and do their best without regrets. They want to go back as soon as possible to the place they used to hold in their fan's hearts. "We think about how the past year was really difficult, but we were able to learn. It was a necessary time for T-ara."

    Going to the broadcast station, meeting fans, and reading online articles.. they will keep this thought in mind. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. "We will never lose the thoughts of beginners. We returned with our original six members with our hearts set as rookies. It's not a comeback. We feel like it's out debut again. T-ara will continue to work re~aally hard in the future."
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n04054
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.15] T-ara, "Areum is preparing diligently every day for her solo debut"   
    [13.10.15] T-ara, "Areum is preparing diligently every day for her solo debut"

    In July it was revealed that Areum will leave T-ara.

    On the 14th, T-ara spoke to TV Report and said, "Areum is preparing for her solo debut." They spoke about their youngest member by saying, "She will always be our friend, and she has a lot of ambition (to be successful). She is probably still practicing in the practice room right now. She is doing very well."

    Areum revealed when she left she will work hard to become a soloist and show a new appearance to the public.

    T-ara are currently promoting as six members. They released double title tracks, "Number Nine" and "I Know The Feeling", on the 10th.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n13811
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to poseidon206 in [13.10.10] Video HD - T-ara "Number Nine" MV   
    13 seconds into the MV when I saw the EunYeonMin opening I knew I was SOLD.
    This song brought me back the feeling when I first saw the performances for "Lies" and "Like the First Time". I felt like I'm falling in love with the girls all over again. It's very refreshing. I was close to feel the same as this when I saw the zombie version of "Lovey-Dovey" and robot version of "Sexy Love", but this one really brought me back to the level of ecstasy of "Lies" and "Like the First Time". Well done girls, for making me fall in love with you all over again.
    EVERYONE looked extremely precious and beautiful in the video. I can't stop drooling at EunYeonMin. I'm very happy to see Eunjungie and Dino getting more lines to showcase their vocals.
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    Seorori reacted to maknae23 in [13.10.10] Video HD - T-ara "Number Nine" MV   
    [13.10.10] Video HD - T-ara "Number Nine" MV


    Credit: coremidas @ youtube

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    Seorori reacted to Scatter_88mil in [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th   
    Time to save up some popcorn and soda and see how October plays out.
    And again, it turns out to be a mini-album. Someone should go to CCM and scream at the executives' faces there to make a second studio album, because it has been years since the first one. Are we gonna be facing more repackages along the way too? Lol.
    As for people wondering why Dani is being brought into the topic - it's been obvious since last year that there has been a visible opposition to her being a full-time T-ara member and do not accept such under any circumstance (myself included). It's not that hard to figure out that there are people that prefer the group to stay as 6-ara and keep it that way for valid reasons. They ain't babysitters and do not have the time and effort to be such.
    EDIT: On the other hand, anyone want to take a guess how long the promotion cycle is gonna be?
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th   
    [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th

    Girl group T-ara will make a return to the Korean music industry after being away for one year and five months.

    On October 10th, T-ara will resume activities in Korea. Prior to this, T-ara will film a three-minute music video teaser in a foreign desert location and shoot images which will be released on September 25th.

    This year, T-ara has been doing unit activities. T-ara N4 has promoted in Korea and the United States, while QBS promoted in Japan. The members also have had different individual activities.
    Their agency said, "After a long time being away, T-ara are pouring a lot of effort into their Korean comeback. We ask for a lot of interest into the song which is traditional T-ara, but better." They stated the new song will be a traditional T-ara song, but only more addictive and with a more focus on the music.
    They will also release a new mini album that will contain 5~6 songs.
    T-ara once again went through members changed earlier this year when it was announced that Areum had left T-ara and T-ara N4 to pursue her dreams a solo artist. Dani also is a member of T-ara, but has not debuted with them yet. It was revealed that for this time, T-ara will still promote as six members.

    Core Contents Media said, "Dani will not have any activities with T-ara. She recently came back as a featuring rapper in our company girl group F-ve Dolls' new title song 'I love you! But you don't love me'. For now, she is involved only in those activities.
    In addition to their comeback, T-ara's agency answered questions about Areum's present situation. "Areum is still continually practicing hard with the goal in mind of a solo comeback. When she will return as a solo is not yet decided amongst us."
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130916n10344 // http://news.nate.com/view/20130916n13453
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    T-ara's Tears Have Become Pearls

    Girl Group T-ara welcomed their 4th anniversary recently. Once having enjoyed top popularity, this gemstone-like girl group has suffered hurt. The arrival and departure of some members (Hwayoung and Areum) and unconfirmed conjecture was discussed fervently. Their popularity that was not easily accumulated over the years seemed to have been destroyed in an instant. They seem to match the “5 year crisis” that idol groups commonly face in the Korean music industry where idols’ contracts [last around 5 years].

    To say that they are not burdened must be a lie. After the controversy that broke out in July last year, T-ara did not respond to any Korean media interviews. Because they believed that if they silently continued their own way, one day, their fans will understand them and any momentary misunderstandings will be resolved. In this case, we are not here to pick at their scars. To talk about T-ara’s past, present, and future – something that they will have to face sooner or later – we carefully conducted our interview.

    T-ara’s Eunjung who found courage to meet with Billboard Korea said “We cried a lot.” But they still continue to smile brightly.

    Q: If you were to think back to the past 4 years?

    A: We don’t feel like it’s already been 4 years. It still feels like we are rookies who’ve just reached 2 years. Compared to the actual number of years, we’ve been busy with a lot of activities. Other than music broadcasts, member’s individual acting activities, sub-unit activities, and musicals, we’ve lived such busy lives that we couldn’t even sleep a lot, time just passed by in the blink of an eye. Thinking about being able to achieve today’s position and to receive our fan’s love… Our fans’ congratulations have made our shoulders feel heavier, and our sense of responsibility has grown as well. In the future, we will be more careful about every word we say and everything we do.

    Q: The most memorable activity is?

    A: Bo Peep Bo Peep. It was a song that showed off the charisma that only belonged to us. The first time we put on the tails on our costume and wore the cat paws, we really didn’t like it. We wanted to be a cool and pretty girl group, and we wondered, do we really have to do this? But it was through this song that we achieved our first number 1 and even made it to Japan’s Oricon chart. If we used this song as a starting point, all of T-ara’s other concept and music were never too over the top. It was the song that allowed other countries to know our name.

    Q: From debut to now, things that have changed and things that have not changed are:

    A: The way we think has changed, and we’ve become more mature. When we first debuted we did not have our own goals, we were just like kids who did whatever our company told us to do. Now, we will positively think about everything we do, and we also understand the preciousness of fate that allows us to meet even the strangers who pass by us for a second. The things that have not changed is, even though we are no longer that young, the members still love to joke and play. Everyday is a continuation of a sitcom. This is what motivates us to stand on stage happily.

    Q: Thoughts about the “5 year crisis” that idol groups face

    A: Our crisis seems to have come a bit early. Haha. This seems to turn out for the better, it’s as if such a crisis does exist as people say. Although the sayings about members’ conflict and bullying will follow us around like labels, we think that as long as it is not true then it is fine. We won’t worry too much about it. If such sayings were true, then it would be very distressful, but the stories are all different from reality. It is not something that we can resolve even if we worried about it.

    The motivation for the T-ara who has become mature.

    T-ara is truly the “Korean Digital Sales Queens.” Lovey Dovey was number 1 on Gaon Chart in the first half of 2012, defeating Big Bang. In 2011, they also achieved number 1 on Gaon's Annual Aggregate Digital Chart through Roly Poly. That year, their Japanese debut track “Bo Peep Bo Peep” also made it onto the Oricon weekly chart.

    Even when involved in endless controversies, T-ara’s music and stage performance were also recognized. “Sexy Love,” which was hesitantly released when T-ara was surrounded by a lot of rumours, and the summer track “Bikini” also charted and achieved a “long run.” Their recently released second Japanese album “Treasure Box” also charted number 1 on Oricon on the day it was released.

    Q: What is the secret to popularity?

    A: There is no special secret. First, we have to thank the composers who give us good songs. And also the fans and company staff who support us by telling us “everything will be better,” they’ve given us a lot of motivation. As a result, we gained confidence. We work hard on stage to compensate for our inadequacy, these all seem to have a combined effect. When speaking about T-ara’s energy, we have also borrowed from the popularity of the retro dance and the shuffle dance. Unknowingly, our performances are able to show off “T-ara’s image” and “T-ara’s concept.” To have a defined colour and flavour, we are really happy.

    Q: Don’t you feel tired to have such active overseas schedules?

    A: Although getting used to the time difference is always difficult, it is the most difficult when the food doesn’t suit our tastes. In the end sleep become our best medicine. Actually, every member seemed to have lost weight without intentionally dieting. Like a normal girl group, we eat well and don’t pick and choose when it comes to food.

    Q: What do you do when you rest?

    A: Watch movies, eat good food. When we are in Japan, we often go to Harajuku but we have not been there recently because we’ve been busy.

    Q: Isn’t this just the right age for dating?

    A: Although the work we have now is good, we still want to date. Just like a normal university student, a romantic stroll around campus while holding hands, a date in the library. It seems like the more we are not able to do it, the more we want to do it. My ideal type is someone who has a manly side, but who also has the soft side of someone young, someone who is kind and well-mannered. Appearance is not important. It’ll be great if it is someone who is able to let other people feel his charisma and charm that is unique to him.

    Q: What kind of artists do you want to be remembered as?

    A: The strengths of artists who have been active for 1 year and those who have been active for 10 years are different. I hope when people think about T-ara, they will smile and say “Ah they really had a difficult time then” or “They were really great then”, I hope that we can be a familiar and warm group in their memories. A group that is able to show off different styles like a chameleon. Or even to the point of getting critiqued by people “Do you have a split personality?” A group that doesn’t stop changing and is able to show and convey a message through their music.

    Q: To T-ara, CCM’s present Kim Kwang Soo is:

    A: The only person who can make us happy and feel tired at the same time. He has weakened a lot. He used to always lecture and scold us, but recently he asks us for our opinion and shares with us his difficulties. He has the feel of the powerless arms of a father who is growing old. His emotions are also becoming very rich and abundant, it seems like it is time for us to take care of him instead.

    Q: A word to your fans?

    A: Thankful. For always believing and watching over us no matter what. To be able to lay aside right or wrong and to believe and wait for someone is really something that is not easy. We don’t look at our fan club as one group, but now we see each fan individually, one person by one person. They are all precious. Even for those who cannot support us as fans until the end, we won’t feel sad or resentful. We won’t forget those people who have given us love up to this day.

    T-ara has become stronger, their hearts steadier. They are no longer a girl group that has an extravagant exterior, but have become a pearl that shines quietly and faintly. The beginning of a glistening pearl is also created from a wound. Famous Korean poet Jeong Ho Seung said “A beautiful gemstone can only be created with time, brimming sincerity, and the embracing of trauma.” It is time for the future of T-ara, who will soon enter the US market, to catch the eyes of the public once again.

    Original article: http://www.billboard.co.kr/?c=v&m=v1&idx=37066
    Translated by via Chinese Subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556657897
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    Seorori reacted to nathaniel in [13.05.06] T-ara's Eunjung, "Ricecake Eunjung? The evil look on my face was intentional"   
    [13.05.06] T-ara's Eunjung, "Ricecake Eunjung? The evil look on my face was intentional"

    T-ara's Eunjung confessed her feelings over the "ricecake incident."

    T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Areum) appeared as guests on the May 6th episode of Mnet's "Beatles Code".

    At the time of the bullying incident, a case of "bullying evidence" was Eunjung forcefully pushing a ricecake into the mouth of Hwayoung while she was smiling on a Japan broadcast. Eunjung said, "It was only the penalty of the game."

    Eunjung said, "The team that wins gets to make the loser suffer a penalty of feeding them food in a fun way. It was deliberate that I built a more sinister look."

    According to Eunjung, Hwayoung was on the losing team with Hyomin and Qri, and her decision of forcefully feeding Hwayoung was not significant for any reason. She said, "We thought the idea was fun. We didn't have any idea it would become such a big deal." At this point, Jiyeon said that the PD told them "to exaggerate to make the show more funny and interesting."

    Eunjung then said, "I never can eat a lot of ricecake anymore." She talked about her nickname "Ricecake Eunjung" and commented, "During the Olympics, I would check Twitter, but I was really hurt just reading 'Ricecake Eunjung OUT' and comments like "Ricecake Eunjung, ricecake please~"
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130507n00252
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Seorori reacted to craZy in [TUTORIAL] How to Vote for T-ara on Music Shows   
    Music Core

    Real Time/SMS Voting

    Show! Champion


    Rate/Like/Stream (MelOn)

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    Seorori reacted to craZy in [TUTORIAL] How to Vote for T-ara on Music Shows   
    M! Countdown

    Online Voting

    Real Time/SMS Voting


    Real Time/SMS Voting

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    Seorori reacted to PandaRK in [13.05.02] Video - T-ara N4 debut stage on M!Countdown   
    Some cute backstage cuts:

    They look so happy, haha.
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    Seorori reacted to aleya in [13.05.02] Video - T-ara N4 debut stage on M!Countdown   
    [13.05.02] Video - T-ara N4 debut stage on M!Countdown

    credit : tarahappyrain @ youtube
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    Seorori reacted to jun27 in [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)   
    [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.)

    cr: coremidas
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    Seorori reacted to craZy in [13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)   
    [13.04.25] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Teaser 2 & 3 (Drama Ver)

    Credit: coremidas
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    Seorori reacted to aleya in [13.03.16] Audio - "Bunny Style!" B-side previews   
    [13.03.16] Audio - "Bunny Style!" B-side previews

    Soyeon - Ai no Shi


    Eunjung - Two as One


    Boram - Maybe Maybe


    Jiyeon - My Sea


    Qri - Do We Do We


    Hyomin - Love Suggestion



    Originally from: EMI Music Japan

    Credit: oyster hao @ YouTube

    areum preview will come out on 18/3....

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    Seorori reacted to Chesskid1 in [13.03.16] Video - 'Mainichi T-ara' Day 20 - Unseen footage   
    [13.03.16] Video - 'Mainichi T-ara' Day 20 - Unseen footage

    Credit: chesskidgaf @ YouTube
    Originally from: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/t-ara
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    Seorori reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.03.16] Fancam HD - T-ara at the MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013   
    [13.03.16] Fancam HD - T-ara at the MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok 2013



    Roly-Poly 1:


    Roly-Poly 2:


    Sexy Love 1:


    Sexy Love 2:


    TvDaily Airport Video:



    Credit: teeahla minnie @ YoutTube

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    Seorori reacted to Chesskid1 in [13.03.10] Video - 'Mainichi T-ara' Day 19 - Ending   
    [13.03.10] Video - 'Mainichi T-ara' Day 19



    Credit: chesskidgaf @ YouTube

    Originally from: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/t-ara

    looks like this will be last day i guess

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    Seorori reacted to Robbe_881 in [13.03.14] Video HD - T-ara at the Incheon Airport departing for Thailand   
    [13.03.14] Video HD - T-ara at the Incheon Airport departing for Thailand


    Credit: sportsseoultv @ YouTube

    Hyomin is back!!!
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    Seorori reacted to Sleeping Ham in Order T-ara's バニスタ (Banisuta) on YesAsia!   
    Banisuta = Bunny Style..kinda make sense..
    Soyeon: ok, our 1st stage today so let's do well.
    T-ara: T-ara, hwaiting!
    Staff: * comes in with a box* Excuse me. I have a package for T-ara
    T-ara: ???
    Eunjung: *received it and took the box to the table then opens it* Wahh! KYEOWO!!
    Others: *check out what's in the box*
    Jiyeon: *takes out some items* Rabbit ears, rabbit tail, rabbit paw?? o.O
    Hyomin: *facepalm* Sajangnim starts his wacky idea again.
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    Seorori reacted to Scatter_88mil in [13.01.22] T-ara's Soyeon caught in a gossip controversy, "Who is 'Stitch'?"   
    While I'm understandable of netizens' vocal shouts in T-ara's previous scandals and agree with them to an extent (what, with gambling, bullying and having a boss that's about as smart as a bloody doorknob), this one is extremely unwarranted for.
    I'm no girl and would say that the nature of the gossip isn't exactly a really nice topic but for Christ's sake, it's pretty stupid that Soyeon's the only one getting flak. What about the other two? Are they somehow magically excluded in the minds of a few vocal crazies who are so efficient in brainwashing the sheep?
    Probably yes. Everyone gossips about crap behind others and idols are no exception - whoever disagrees otherwise is a delusional prick that needs a good whack in the head.
    What I'd be more concerned with about is HOW a KakaoTalk conversation got leaked to the public and WHO actually released it.
    KakaoTalk and KakaoStory is basically like a smartphone version of MSN chat in function - which means, only the user has access to his/her own chats, unless some whackjob got paid to hack it, which is pretty unlikely (and with CCM's irrational claims that the girls' Twitters got hacked, no one would believe it anyway).
    Judging from the strict privacy nature of KakaoStory (and being a user of it myself), the only people who could have leaked this to the press are the either of the two others Soyeon was chatting to or someone around their circle. I'll suspect Sua the most - since in the pic shown, her name is clearly shown at the top left, which would indicate that the chat is seen from her KkStory account.
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    Seorori reacted to eeekhang in [13.01.16] Video - Tara @ Golden Disk Award (Fancam)   
    [13.01.16] Video - Tara @ Golden Disk Award (Fancam)

    I can't wait to see this in HD to hear them better!

    Credit: joshuaongys @ youtube

    Credit: raymond @ youtube

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    Seorori got a reaction from Mashimaro1234 in [12.12.05] T-ara receive 10 billion won offer to do Southeast Asian tour same time as Japanese Arena Tour   
    CCM probably exaggerated a bit, but I would love an ASEAN tour haha.
    Since promoting in Korea is still a problem, I'd agree for them to make tours in Asia. Hope it won't tire them so much though.
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    Seorori reacted to SimonH in [12.11.26] T-ara arrive in Vietnam greeting their crying fans   
    I guess many international fans don't understand why the numbers in the news are always inflated. This is called 'media play' in Korea, and it is used by most, if not all, celebrities and agencies, not just T-ara. CCM just tends to make things sound too unbelievable and do it too often. It's a very helpful tool in the entertainment industry, but CCM sucks at using it.
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