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  1. Lucky Thai Diadem. They'll able to experience the first T-ara overseas concert
  2. WOW....the release date on June 6th,but they already no 1 on pre-order chart. It means japanese people really enthusiast with T-ara. Daebak!!
  3. Ahhh...Their concept just like in Lovey Dovey in Tokyo and their live performances. Can't wait for the MV to come out.
  4. My Gosh,Full album with only just 2 original japanese singles,I'm more attracted with the photobook and the DVD. Why japanese album always so expensive, I can't afford it
  5. Ahhh....They don't sell T-ara merchandises and moreover they don't ship overseas . But I saw their website,they sell lots of pretty good stuff there
  6. Hwaaaaa.......so lucky Thai diadems.....Please come to Indonesia as well! *pray*
  7. I wonder if they will sell T-ara goodies too. I really wanna buy T-ara tees.
  8. Why don't they also signs with an agency specialized in singing too instead of CCM? LOL T-ara,when your contracts expired,just leave CCM,'kay!
  9. "T-ara's system will change and if it's needed, we'll make the drastic decision of replacing members by bringing in new members." WTH?That means the members still can be replace in the future! "T-ara will be in a situation where there will be very intense competition, and we don't want to think that they'll not be able to grow." a very intense competition in a group will only brings more problems and disrupt their chemistry as a group. All we need in a group is good teamwork and good chemistry like T-ara right now. "If the members are lazy, or harmful to other members including the new members, we'll make the bold decision to remove and replace them with new members." So basically KKS wants to enslave T-ara further further with this kind of threat! With all of their tight schedules you still call them lazy? Oh my gosh...you're such an ass!
  10. With current 7 members,there's some members that don't have lines and can't show their full potential,Imagine if T-ara became 9 members girl bands . This ain't solution but more problems . But I have to admit it,it's better than replacing the members .
  11. Howaowww... 1st T-ara Japanese album. Can't wait for this midyear! A lot of T-ara's events going on this midyear
  12. WAOW....That's the real vacation for the girls. So lucky of them to travel across Europe for 10 days *envy* Hope this is a good sign *fingercrossed*
  13. This means 4 of them possibly stay in T-ara, please bring another good news for the other 3 *pray* .
  14. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO OUR T-ARA! We love T-ara the way it is right now. We don't need another member or member changes. What the fans needs are T-ara stay solid for years and brings us lots of good music. CCM ways are nonsense and ridiculous,they will bring more disasters than good to T-ara and the fans. You can expect huge loss of fans and lots of negative public opinions!
  15. T-ara is forever Qri,Boram,Soyeon,Eunjung,Hyomin,Jiyeon,and Hwayoung nuff said! Why they even bother change the members while they already solid and have the chemistry. If this true,It'll be too much for T-ara's fans to handle (including me)
  16. Finally, the girls are taking a break,but poor jiyeon she still have to work for DH2 . Use your time well,girls!
  17. "Although our donations may only be a little help, our wish is that it'll help some of the victims." But they'll become huge role model for other singers even for society itself. Keep up your noble hearts,T-ara!
  18. Just when I thought that our girls will have a little break to produce a new album, this news came up. Looks like T-ara will be busy till mid year . And probably we won't see them having activities in Korea a little while
  19. Hwaa.....they're in my country right now...they seem so close,but yet far away from my town Welcome to Indonesia,Woojung
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