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  1. OmGosh~~ . I wanna buy this magazinE~~~!
  2. they are seriously busy~ :/ Juz hope they manage to get sufficient rest~
  3. Wohoo... this was awesome.. daebakk~ lovely jiyeon love her winks~
  4. Nice picture Lovely Jiyeon~!~ Awh~~
  5. Thx for the sharing... Lovely JiYeon~ btw~ Can someone PM me the password? >,<!
  6. They are still so pretty even without having make upss~ Jiyeoon~ ^^
  7. WoW~~~~ Cant wait for it... (= I hope there will be an episode which RM invites all the T-ara member like the SNSD episode
  8. 19th / 20th, any day of it will be fine for me.. as long as not late then 20th
  9. FInally.... COngratz alottt~! they deserve it.... keep on fighting~ T-ara JJANG~
  10. Finally they get a chance to relax & chill down themselve.... (= glad to head tat
  11. xxxxing shytz.... athens account expired.... WTF~~~ SO SO #FML

  12. http://t.co/UdbSnP6I Vote for T-ara Lovey-Dovey!! Hwaiting~ @Tara_World
  13. Wohooo~ cant wait for it... Tokyo version will release soon i guess~ we juz have to be patient T-ara Hwaiting ~ ><~!!!!
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