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  1. She's just... Gorgeous! How can anybody be so beautiful!?
  2. the performance for "don't leave" was epic. the only thing that makes it short from perfection is jiyeon's absence (due to her injury). otherwise, it's simply stunning. each and everyone of them did really well even Qri and Boram. I'm impressed. "Day by Day" on the other hand was a little lacking i feel. perhaps they have been too busy and therefore being a little tired to make it more impactful. as we might have already known, a few of the members are having slight health problems which most likely prevented them from singing well (i think a little bit of the performance was lipsynced?), but they still managed to pull it through despite their difficulties. let's applaud to their willpower! boram was somehow very cute when she's singing her part in Day by Day LOL despite it being such a sorrowful song. And we can hear in the bridge part of the song that soyeon's voice is kinda out of form due to her sore throat. ahreum looks very sharp and capable, almost like an experienced performer already! see, she's not bad at all!
  3. boram's monstrous laughter. HAHAHA. totally cute! it's like she didn't even care about the running camera in front of her anymore
  4. ah... hope she recovers soon. not sure what happened but i think it's speculated that she injured her nose. kudos to her for hanging there and her desire to still perform on stage. not easy for a girl of her age... let's give her/them all our support!
  5. Regarding the runningman schedule... I think it's more likely that the runningman PD told them to take it off. Because I remember the guests are not supposed to reveal that they will be appearing for the recording until the filming begins!
  6. that's really good news to them and hopefully serves as a motivation for them to keep fighting since they must be REALLLLY tired from their crazy schedule. it always happens when they are having comebacks. hope nobody gets injured along the way!
  7. i think the song is way better than the mv. not saying that the mv is not good but i feel that it can be produced better. i personally liked how cry cry and lovey dovey mvs were shot and presented to the audience. this 1 feels a lot more scrappy as compared to the other 2. but i understand that there is a lot of focus on details regarding the CGI effects that probably a little attention was taken off the story-telling. still, i appreciate their effort and will look forward to the 2nd part!
  8. eh i thought the running man guests are not supposed to reveal that they will attend the show's filming? lol.
  9. LOL same sentiments. But I think CCM is trying to make a debut for both of them at the same time, and since Dani is not fully prepared, so while she appears in the video a whole lot, Ahreum will be making her runs in stage performances. This way, we'll be able to see the both of them "at the same time", marking a new chapter for T-ara.
  10. Great! Apparently as soyeon had tweeted a few weeks ago, they did a re-recording of the song so it's slightly different from the one we heard when it was leaked. I loved this teaser. I can't wait for July 3rd to come! T-ara is backkkkkkkk!
  11. digital monsters! they have been raping digital charts for so long now... and i feel that "day by day" will takeover where "lovey dovey" left off. no questions! T-ara GO!
  12. Hahaha qri was so cute when she couldn't continue what she wanted to say due to her lack of competency in Japanese language. The question asked was for them to talk about what kind of album Jewelry box is. She merely said "the songs that we like... A lot... *no idea what the last word was*... Sighs...", and everyone burst out laughing. Hyomin tried to rescue her by saying ".... Good!" while everyone was enjoying the comical moment. Cuteeeeeeeee! Hahahah Eunjung was in her clueless self as usual when she was announced the player who came in last and yet still clapping with the rest lol. Great to see them having fun!
  13. park sso's ultimate airport fashion... LOL. looks like she didnt care what she's wearing!
  14. lol such old pictures! why are they using them now? but that's my favourite soyeon image!
  15. omg i hate futuristic themes. nobody does it well enough (except probably those produced by lucas arts), and when we look back at it in the future its gonna look really ridiculous. this is gonna remind me of backstreet boys' larger than life mtv over a decade ago. and its rather cheesy. gonna just watch it for the girls. lol
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