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  1. This video contains content from SBS ContentsHub, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Damn you SBS.
  2. CCM,we don't need 3534 versions of Number Nine.We just asked for a perfectly made Drama Version like what you did in Cry Cry,Lovey Dovey,Day by Day, and Sexy Love.Urgh!!
  3. Yup.Her knee is not recovered yet and I doubt it gonna heal fast with all the non-stops performances.And those high heels...Auuch..Anyway,I believe she was still suffering from knee pain during fan sign today.Because on Music Bank yesterday,she was still wearing the bandage.However,they didn't really do any vigorous activities during the fan sign event.Don't worry much
  4. If I'm not mistaken,this was pre-recorded so that probably explains why they were doing the original choreography in this performance. Anyway,I truly admire their determination.It's not easy to change choreography in a short period of time and not to mention the maknae's professionalism as well.I can just hope this is not a case of KKS forcing her to perform despite injury.Nevertheless,I really hope she can heal quickly.Get well soon Dino.
  5. This song is very catchy.And I'm glad that the music video doesn't change every 2 seconds.It just that I don't like the beat at the beginning of the song and after the chorus.Sounds a bit annoying.The "I'm addict" part was lol.It wasn't necessary.But other than these two complaints,the song is great.And the song "I know The Feeling" is like We Were In Love.It reminds me of them back in 2011 where they promoted Cry Cry and We Were In Love at the same time. Does anyone know when they are going to release the drama version?I'm looking forward to drama version the most.
  6. Drooling at Hyomin's biceps,lol At first I thought Jiyeon didn't suit short hair but the more I see it,the more I think it suits her.She pulls it off nicely. I'm pretty worried about Boram though.She looks pale and extremely skinny....
  7. @Emperor Ryu I'm sorry if this offended you but I think you're the one who took this too seriously.I mean,not all of us have similar opinions and I respect yours but you don't have to reply to every single post that disagree with your view.
  8. I don't know about you guys but the MV is boring as heck.Considering that CCM always make good MV (if you minus some of T-ara's MV that made us feel dizzy),this is a big disappointment.And the song was flat.I don't even remember how the chorus sounds like because the entire song sounds the same from the beginning until the end.But then again,I think it's just me. It's a good thing this is not their comeback song or else I'd flip a freaking table.
  9. WHAT???BIKINI???? Oh my God..You kiddin' me.The title couldn't get any worse..........On the other hand,since this is a summer song,I can imagine this will have fast beat so I hope it's catchy.
  10. 6-ARA is enough.No more addition nor subtraction.

  11. Saphire version is quite plain but the diamond and pearl versions looks amazing although it's a little bit cringe-worthy,lol.
  12. Yeah,I agree whole-heartedly.I don't see the purpose of it and a lot of fans and non-fans say that its rather confusing.Honestly,I believe that either Soyeon or Eunjung should be their permanent leader as I can see a leader vibe in both of them.They can be scary sometimes.I remember in one scene where they were arguing and they look intimidating.Jiyeon is too young (and she's a little childish) to hold a leader's position,Boram and Qri are too quiet while Hyomin is somewhat in the middle.
  13. If I'm not mistaken,Dani is confirmed (unfortunately) to be added into T-ara N4 although I was hoping that it didn't happen.That little girl is still young and she still has a bright future ahead of her but she screwed it up by joining this crappy company owned by you-know-who. Furthermore,I heard that T-ara as a whole,will be now promoting as a six-member group.I'm not even surprised if July next year,we'll be reading the same type of article again - only this time,it's a different person.
  14. And I thought KKS decision couldn't get any worse.Don't get me wrong guys.I have nothing against Dani but I sincerely hope that T-ara can be just a six-member group.They are perfect with six.I don't see how the addition of Dani could change the group for the better.
  15. The song was just okay but the music video was,I don't know,bland?They should have put more effort on it because it looks repetitive and boring to me.But nonetheless,the MV was cute and I could easily tell who is who.
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