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  1. Can't find anything through jazzy group website, but they post it on their fb wall.. Hmmm
  2. They are at Paris right now. That's why they were not there to receive the award & The performance was pre-recorded Congrats T-ara.. Fighting!!!
  3. maybe the CEO of CCM heard Eunjung's message on the guerilla date.. I'm so happy for them.
  4. poor eunjung.. but, despite of her injury, she danced very well last night..that amazed me. lets's pray so our Eunjung will get well soon.. Fighting!!!
  5. Ow yeah.. After all these days, finally it's here.. Yeay!!! But I think they announced the mv will be 22 min long... Now it's just 15min mv.. Ah well.. Ok. Now waiting for subs for this mv.. Oh, and Qri is so cool..Daebak!!!
  6. hyomin looked amazing in that dress.. and hwayoung rapping, wow..DAEBAK!!!
  7. 5 mvs in a week.. Awesome!!!Hope lovey dovey will be a phenomenon just like roly poly
  8. And also eunjung.. Anyway its good to see they will perform this song..fighting!!!
  9. Omg.. Lovey dovey zombie version??? Can't wait for this.. Woohoo.. Qri zombie is gorgeous.. :-P
  10. T-ara's "Roly-Poly" swept all the categories, including charting #1 in download and streaming daebak..well done t-ara. FIGHTING!!!
  11. Hwayoung almost slip and try to hide behind Boram.. That's funny. Of course you can't hide behind her.. XD
  12. Noooo... Just when I thought this mv will be a great Xmas gift for this year, now we have to wait until Jan 2..
  13. Well done girls.. Congrats t-ara.. Hwaiting!!! Let's see how they will do next year..
  14. wow.. congratulations t-ara & davichi.. great job. next on the line, lovey dovey..woot woot
  15. try these.. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2ENI9G1B http://www.mediafire.com/?r34bsssiaimtk7b
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