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  1. The damage has been done.. No point saying sorry the only thing now left is for Eunjung to forgive them Haizz
  2. Stup*d antis! GDL!!!!! When the news come out about the rumour of bullying is fake let's see where you can hide your u*ly face!
  3. if im not wrong (which im not xP) Soyeon will star in the... later part T-ara mine forever
  4. Blah blah blah nene day-ye by day~~~ <333 (Y)

  5. Blah blah blah nene day-ye by day~~~ <333 (Y)

  6. Seriously??? First she joins T-ara, then she wants 2 debut early?!? I wonder whether KKS has a twitter acc so I can push his stupid face. Pls, she and Areum are just 14 year old kids and he wants them 2 join T-ara? *sobs* My 7-ara! Besides, they are 4 or 5 years younger than Jiyeon who was the maknae... Why don't KKS listen 2 us T-ara fans!? This will not make me like T-ara lesser, but make me hate him more.
  7. I'm forever Queen The people who got selected so good...... Next year I will join!!! Queen queen queen T-ara Queen
  8. 80 episodes are 2 long... they can't rest if they film 80 eps!!! On the other hand, I would l <3ve 2 see their acting coz they acting very good! but 80 eps-- one thing, I'm not even sure if I have time 2 watch and the other thing, I would lo e 2 see them acting together... :wub:
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