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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :D

  2. Wow~ This is a great gift to T-ara! Tour de Korea is really big with international coverage! Imagine cycling to the beats of Bo peep!
  3. It's an awesome website~ Proud of our girls for doing such a fantastic job. Is it me or is everything already sold out?
  4. Bopeepbopeep -> bubibubi! The BTS video that came out has me thinking that the concept is similar..
  5. This is just amazing! They're pulling out all the big guns!
  6. The album jacket looks amazing~ I gotta say though, Hyomin looked like Lee Hyori for a moment there.
  7. Even before reading the article, I pictured Jiyeon in GOS when I saw the picture~ Love how the part they play in the game sorta reflects some of them. Farm owner Hyomin... IY??
  8. One word slip up and it causes a commotion... Netizens are too stuck up this way.
  9. intriguev1

    [10.02.08] T-ara

    It's weird that the reporters are shooting T-ara for their outfits. I think our girls did a wonderful job~ Plus its nice seeing Soyeon back again!
  10. Soyeon jjang! We all love you! Don't apologize for feeling under the weather~ Get loads of rest then surprise us with the repackaged album!
  11. It just so happens that the album will be released on the last day of my final exams! Ah sweet bliss! Anticipation keeps building~ Wish our girls all the best!
  12. Congratulations to our lovely T-ara for winning the award! They definitely deserved it! Did any of you watch the performance? One of the dancers' paw flew off! Check it out at like 20 seconds after Hyomin's solo dance part~
  13. Wow~ Jiyeon is really doing a lot of acting roles. Hope she doesn't overwork herself. Looking forward to the movie though~ Jiyeon hwaiting!
  14. That's awesome though I likewise think they could probably use a break. Promoting for 6 months, Soyeon down with the flu, Jiyeon busy with acting(I heard she's getting casted in a movie too). Look forward to more days they shine brightly for their efforts!
  15. They look fantastic in those sunglasses! Now I'm just trying to figure out who is in the reflection of the glasses!
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