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  1. "I want to hold their hands warmly and support them. That's why I am constantly keeping in touch with them – we are in the process of growing closer.” <--- Awe, she is so sweet and kind! Reading this, I feel even better about how the current members and new members' process of growing closer and getting along are going. Thank you for posting. & best wishes to T-ara ~
  2. Oh my gosh! If Eunjung became a radio DJ, she would be awesome! I love her voice. It would be fun, actually. Eunjung is a talented girl, so I would love to see more projects from her in the future. A solo song would be nice. Thank you for sharing. ~
  3. "Honestly, we only got to where we are right now and are receiving this much love because of the path that our sunbaes have paved before us." <--- I like this response! If it weren't for DBSK (naming one) paving this path and working so hard, Korean idols now would have a tougher time in the Japanese industry. Dani and our oldest unnies are 12 years apart...that's not a small number. However, in After School, Kahi was 12 years apart with Lizzy and E-Young. Everyone got along and became buddies quickly. Since T-ara are friendly girls, like Soyeon said, I'm sure everything will be fine and they'll learn to get along. Wow, Ahreum is really hard-working then! No wonder, I didn't see any mistakes made by Ahreum in T-ara's performances. Thank you for sharing. Soyeon has an awesome attitude!
  4. It's not up to me or any of us on when she jumps in. If that's what she has changed her mind to, be it. Just, don't regret your words. If I was able to talk to her, I'd be like, "What happened to training hard, day and night just to make everything perfect when you join T-ara? If you feel like you have enough training, then it really doesn't hurt to get even better and better. Cherish your pre-debut days when you can." (Y) Thanks for sharing.
  5. Visually, she didn't match my expectations. Same with Dani. Anyway, let's hope for the best. I hope she's not just any member, and is an important and necessary member to T-ara. ^^ Thanks for sharing.
  6. Well, if I were her, I'd accept that offer! Not only are you going to get THAT much money, but you're also helping T-ara. Publicity does increase popularity after all. The ad will make her more well-known and more people will learn to accept her (much faster). Anyway, it is nice how she's working hard and practicing right now.
  7. So, it sounds like the 2 new members will 'help' Soyeon - meaning, she'll sing less. He's basically going to give them lines because they're good singers. Honestly, Boram and Qri aren't getting many lines. Jiyeon's lines decreased. Hwayoung shared the rapping position with Hyomin and Eunjung. Personally, I think Hyomin and Eunjung were fine as rappers, didn't need more. So, same to this. If you want to 'help' Soyeon, then give the other current members more parts. If their singing isn't good enough for you, then practice, practice, practice. Give them more lessons if you have to. If they're not good singers at all (of course they're good, don't get me wrong), then why did you add them?! Honestly, this man is driving us nuts.
  8. Aren't you my age? Whoa. I like that attitude of hers. She sounds hard-working. No rush in debuting, just prepare and be the best you can. (Y) We'll see how it goes. ~ P.S. It's nice that T-ara now have a native speaker. It'll be much easier when they advance or visit other countries.
  9. It's nice that the girls are getting such a great opportunity. I truly hope for the best. Like many others, I'm also rooting for the girls to leave CCM but we just got to be patient.
  10. Well, at least none of our talented girls are being removed. As long as the two new members are talented, benefit the group and get along well with one another, then I don't exactly mind. I hope they continue to succeed.
  11. Sometimes, I just want to hit this man. If there are members who can't sing, don't add them in the first place! If he takes out members, T-ara will definitely lose a lot of fans. However, if he decides to add at least 1 new member, she'd better be talented and someone we'd all love. Anyway, all we can do now is sit back and watch. After School follows the admission and graduation system. Pledis doesn't decide to take out members and add new ones at once. When members leave, it's their choice, and they've graduated at different times. The members that joined after their debut (Uee, Raina, Nana, Lizzy and E-Young) debuted with the girls during different comebacks. For Morning Musume, again, members leave at different times (their choice) and new members are added during different comebacks + during auditions. See the difference? What CCM is doing is just foolish.
  12. Aw ~ They're so generous! I'm sure the victims in Japan are very thankful for what they did. Thanks for sharing.
  13. It's so nice to see how close and comfortable these twins are with one another. They're such bright and nice girls too. Hwayoung's really lucky to have a sister who cares for her.
  14. It's sad to read about this. They must have worked really hard and must be tired. I think I heard about the girls getting a break somewhere, no? Or am I just imagining things? Regardless, I hope they have a nice, peaceful break one day. They deserve it after all.
  15. I'm glad Hyomin's no longer jealous! There's no need anymore. Are they going to continue filming the Chinese version of 'We Got Married'? I didn't watch it but I heard things went well. She looks happy in the GIFs I've seen too.
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