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  1. I don't get QUEEN'S. I mean, I'm a fan of T-ara too. But how can you be sure that what KKS said about hwa young isn't true? Not siding at KKS or being biased against hy. But I find it funny that people point fingers at others when they themselves aren't full informed of what's going on. are you hy? are you KKS? are you the other t-ara unnies? NO. you're not. so who are you to criticize the other girls? who are you to say that hy should leave t-ara? I'm taking a really neutral stand here, I hope queen's think more before they express their views on this piece of news. any speculations you make might just hurt any other t-ara members. a queen's supports every t-ara member. not just hy, or any other specific member. I mean, we are queen's right? we should be standing by their side, giving them the support and trust they need most now. of course it'd be best if hy continues to be part of t-ara, but even if she was to leave for sure(touch wood), she'll always be one of the t-ara member I liked most, at least in my heart she'll be. so I plead you guys, can we just stand by and watch how it goes? do you know that things are made worse by you all when you comment on the other girls? lets just give the girls our full suprt k?
  2. somehow... i accepted hwayoung the moment when i saw her face. but not these 2 new members. weird uh?
  3. rambo unnie get well soon! i fear for t-ara's future, will they be like another DBSK? touch wood.
  4. the fact is that tara has vocal abilities. it is just that people often misunderstand that only soyeon can sing as most of the lines are distributed to her-as seen in cry cry. so instead of adding new members, can't stupid KKS just distribute the lines evenly and show the world that every single member can sing? although we diadems/citrines already know the fact. he is the CEO taking care of tara, so he should know better that all of the members can sing and adding 2 new members for vocal abilities is basically crap. WHAT IS THIS?! i feel really bad for tara unnies as they have worked so hard to reach this point, where they are so famous. and KKS is just going to let this two new girls in and enjoy the fame our 7ara worked their ass off to acheive. not that its the two new girls' fault, but i just cant get over the fact that someone else is going to enjoy something they did not even worked for. p.s. i should be doing my homework, but i saw this piece of news and it blew my head off.
  5. She is really dedicated! And really strong as well. I hope she gets well soon!
  6. aww. i hope it stays as a rumor. heh. i like t-ara as it is now. t-ara is perfect as it is. and let it continue to be.
  7. I'm gonna download this game tmr. who wanna play with me? XD RamBo unnie ish soooo cute
  9. thank you for the add ^_~

  10. <3 thanks for wishing me a happy bdae! appreciate it!
  11. OMGOMGOMG! THIS IS AWESOME. THIS TOTALLY MAKES ME T-ARA MORE! boram unnie's solo dance is daebakk!
  12. amberr-er


    this is scary. can anyone see the hand on eunjung's left arm? ;....;
  13. Im so in with Qri unnie oppa. This girl pulls off any looks. I can't wait for the MV to be released! This is so awesome
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