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  1. The MV is awesome, i really like it. Jiyeon's voice is just perfect for this concept Btw, does someone know where we have to watch the video so it counts for music shows? Some people are saying that the one that counts is on KT Music, but i don't know :/
  2. I love the three of them EunJiMin song is so catchy, Qri&Boram's just so sweet and Soyeon&Areum ballad is just amazing Our girls did a pretty cool job here!
  3. I watched it! They were great! Eunjung was so beautiful I love the special mc stage ^^
  4. Omg! I'm sure gonna buy at least one cd I hope the best for our girls in this new release ^^
  5. I was just thinking about that! Who leaked it... "[...]she will be more careful in the future." Careful? Geez, she was just talking with her friends :/
  6. They're so cute Soyeon is so good at japanese! Hyomin and her moon walk haha, so cool, and Areum's robot dance, that was great! I really really love Jiyeon with bangs, she looks so beautiful. Eunjung, Qri and Boram were just as adorable as always~ I'm really glad that they look all happy, I'm sure 2013 will be a better year for our girls
  7. I really wanna see Soyeon acting againg :/ I think she's good Iris was such a good drama so i have big expectations for this second part.
  8. I really wanna see her acting again, she was so good in "Haeundae Lovers"
  9. She's a goddess! I love all the photos!! She's rocking that short hair, but I'm glad it's just a wig, her long hair is so pretty
  10. I totally love this performance! Hyomin and Soyeon with their sexy (and crazy) dance And i specially love Areum here, she's so adorable and it seems she already adapted to the group and the girls, she's enjoying the stage. Btw, I do love Jiyeon with bangs, haha~ she looks cute imo.
  11. I really love this photos, all of them look so cute!
  12. Omg! They look so happy, hahaha i think i'd be that happy too if they come to my country :/
  13. They're all so cute Rest well girls~ Hope they can get some time off soon.
  14. I wish her the best, i hope she can continue her studies in Korea. I wanna watch this drama, i know it'll be great ^^
  15. I hope she's not sad about not going to college. Please Jiyeon, just stay healthy and happy~ And CCM, please give them some time off, I'm sure they all have some plans or something :C
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