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  1. The pictures are very well taken. It displays the girls' attractiveness indeed. I especially like the Campbell soup t-shirt worn by Hyomin. It goes well with the outfit. I also like Jiyeon's dress design. It is very chic and the colour combination shouts trendiness.
  2. Thanks for the music video. The girls look fantastic. The guys make the song complete. No wonder it was said the girls begged the guys to participate in the song.
  3. N4 go go go! Gambatte! Wishing you girls all success in Japan.
  4. Eunjung looks like Hwayoung here with short hair and the cap. Hwayoung lives on! Yeah!
  5. I wonder how much can their autographed items fetch in a fan's auction?
  6. Thanks for the music video upload. Great job and hardwork.
  7. This is a lesson for other talent agencies to learn. Public termination and humiliation of pop star is not an option. If pop star leaves on her own accord, this will not be an issue.
  8. The girls are daebak! The japanese should support them more, especially for Roly-Poly japanese single, which will indirectly help their Fukushima brothers and sisters, from the sales revenue generated.
  9. Let's hope none gets removed. T-ara will never be like today if not for every single member. Can there be a lazy member? Look at Lovey-Dovey. There's no way you can be lazy and not get noticed in the performance. Everyone is moving and working hard. The news if true, smacks of incompetent PR and gives rise to negative publicity. Now everyone will be asking.. who's the lazy or prideful girl? T-ara members must be feeling down, what with the hectic schedule, lack of holiday and now uncertain future.
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