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  1. Yes,this survey was made AFTER the controversy took place and yet they still managed to be in the Top 8.Actually,what surprised me even more is that they rank higher than last year after seeing how T-ara's days starting from the middle of this year was "basically over" as claimed by haters. (Off topic but even IU who was apparently "the biggest scandal in 2012" as said by netizens was rank at #4.Congrats to all winners ) But then,the number of participants were quite low though.... Can someone tell me what is the meaning of that?
  2. One quick question,are Melon and Mnet Award the same?Because if it isn't,then T-ara just managed to grab another achievement.Based on Melon Yearly Download Chart,they also being placed among the TOP 10 (#4) for their hit song,Lovey Dovey. Argh,it's been a rough days for Tara since the whole scandal erupted.I wish they will continue to achieve their goals in life and hoping that next year,it'll a better year for them.Just,don't push yourself too hard girls.I hate seeing anyone of you collapsing again.
  3. Is it just me but SoMin kept exchanging glares,lol....? Jiyeon looked extremely gloomy now....... It shows in every performance after the scandal... Merry Christmas T-ara and everyone on Diadems!!!
  4. Urm,no.Davichi left CCM on October 7 2012 but decided to renewed their contract with CCM again and it was confirmed that the duo will make a comeback somewhere in February.Hope that clear any misunderstanding
  5. If I'm not mistaken,Davichi did renewed their contract with CCM not too long ago.To be honest,I seriously thought they wouldn't considering you know how "generous" and "caring" KKS can be to his artists.I was taken aback to hear that and maybe I'm just being pararoid,but there's certainly something fishy going on between them.....
  6. Actually,from what I heard,the reason why they received black ocean during MMA was because the majority of the people there were Inspirits (INFINITE) and Baby (B.A.P?) fans a.k.a fans of boys group.Even Sistar had little to none cheering from the audience (but during T-ara's performance,the place immediately went pitch black). (To be honest,I thought it was rude.Even though you don't like a certain group,don't go to this extent.Just keep cheering.It's a relieved that none of them booing T-ara -I hope) I'm glad to hear QUEEN'S cheering for them during this Music Bank performance though I somehow worried about them attending three gayo daejun in a couple weeks' time...
  7. I'm sure Qri,Boram and Soyeon voted too but we have yet to see any picture of them.By the way,does anyone know how old do you have to be in order for you to vote for election in S Korea?
  8. Does that mean they recorded this interview way after the Budokan Concert was over? Yeah,I agree with you at the Eunjung's hair comment.She looks miserable after the controversy.Jiyeon now barely smiles even on a few performances.As much as I want Korean and I-fans forgive them,I doubt it gonna happen any sooner.If you look at the comments on NetizenBuzz ,ALL T-ara related news have more than 1000+ likes for every negative comments about them until now.Even the news where Hyomin when shopping was mostly negative even though she did nothing wrong.Sigh.....
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but since they did this interview during (or after/before) Budokan Concert in Japan,Hwayoung was injured at that moment so that's why she probably didn't go for the interview.Or maybe somewhere else... ----------------- Aah,so Hyomin's hair is still that short? Looks like she's been wearing extension since We Were In Love promotion.
  10. At first I was really glad that they won the TOP 10 Artist Award,but then when I saw T-ara was going upstairs to take that award,there was absolutely awkward silence and no cheering from the audience AT ALL..Even if there were,it's barely audible....Gosh..
  11. Well,at least I know they're not lip-synced. Glad Hyomin dyed her hair that colour because it fits her even better. LOL,most of them wore thick,fancy coat and there we have Soyeon and Eunjung with sleeveless clothes
  12. LOL,Hyomin got her sense of of fashion from her Mom because I remembered her saying both of them shopping together quite often and she always wear her mom's clothing LOL. Soyeon is truly a leader.She take good care of her members (one of them is by feeding them ) and Eunjung once mentioned that she's the one who sent her to the drama filming sets.I knew Boram would choose Soyeon.I mean,who else Jerry will pick if it's not Tom? "She would be strict, that's why" Wow,I didn't know Qri can be a strict person because she looks shy and quiet. The maknaes chose each other for envying their skins.They sound childish compared to the rest of T-ara's members .Baby Dino never changed " I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat." K,now I know why Soyeon looks extra chubbier lately.... They can never stop teasing each other,eeh ? Gaah,please upload the interview here if any of you have one.This conversation sounds so cute!!
  13. OMG,are you freakin' serious?? If T-ara's schedules didn't make you think it's a packed schedules,I don't know what's a packed schedule mean to you.I don't have to remind you how many times the members of T-ara were admitted to the hospitals due to fatigue or faint.Do you want any of them to slip into coma,then only you'll say they are overworked? One don't have to see their 2013 schedules because we know their schedules will also be so over-saturated - just like the past three years.Not to mention that Hyomin,Eunjung and Jiyeon were heavily involved in variety shows and dramas during that period.Even when they were involved with the bullying scandal,KKS still has the guts to push the girls to perform and promote when they are still suffering from the malicious comments and accuses - up till now. I know you'll reply to my post - as usual.
  14. They look so pretty but the tiredness couldn't be hidden. All of them have the "I don't want to be here" expression.Nevertheless,congrats T-ara for winning the Best Idol Award.I wouldn't have thought they would win an award this incredibly fast considering that the scandal is still quite fresh. (p/s:Does anyone know how they choose the winner for the awards?Based on what?)
  15. LOL,T-ara is under CCM which is under Mnet so it's understandable that they support T-ara But.besides Mnet,they have been invited to quite a numerous events (a non-performance event).I'm actually shocked to see they received the invitations this fast,to be honest.Some K-netizens and the media make this scandal look bigger than it is.
  16. Oh my,really?Although I,too find it a little exaggerated but is it too much for him to receive hatred by the V-citizens?I mean,what he did was just crying buckets of tears.Calling him "disgracing the country is too far-fetched.There's no need to hate this guy.Poor him... Simon,would you mind elaborate this news?
  17. Besides Hyomin and Eunjung,the rest of T-ara didn't participate.As said in T-ara Dream Girls,Qri doesn't even like to walk,LOL.While Boram can easily get tired and fall sick often.
  18. And haters thought T-ara will flop so hard,LOL.In your dream,suckers.Actually,T-ara debuting their SL at #4 is considered very good even when their bullying scandal shook the whole KPOP world and the effect is still there.Even a few of popular group idols in Korea are always struggling to hit big in Japan.Kudos to the J-fans who give their unconditional love and endless support. I was actually taken aback at how low Lovey Dovey Jap scored on its first week (even much lower than Yayaya) because that song was a mega success in Korea.
  19. Sorry to disappoint you but for most KPOP fans and for ALL T-ara's fans,we know that T-ara probably has the most killer schedules compared to any group "thanks" to their incompetent company - namely,the infamous Core Content Media.There were numerous of news that they collapsed or fainted,extreme diet,having a near mental breakdown etc....I thought the controversy would in some way help to lessen the schedules or something but apparently,it did not. LMAO,how can you not recognize them XD?? It's Jiyeon and as always,EunYeon couple just can't be seperated so that makes Eunjung who was sitting next to her .. I'm not quite used to Jiyeon's bangs yet,LOL.Oh yeah,I can' spot Areum here......Hurm.. LOL,KKS wanna make up all the money that he loss because of the unfinished Day By Day promotion and not to mention that the song didn't do so well on charts so being a greedy man he is,he tried to produce as much money as he can and also at the same time reducing as much money as possible.
  20. No one knows for sure though because as far I know,she doesn't receive any acting offer - YET.However,I doubt any of them (apart from Dani) will ever get an offer any sooner due to the controversy that I'm afraid still hasn't forgotten in Korea and for most all KPOP fans. I know that most of T-ara's fans are hoping for that but looking on a brighter sight,they gonna have lesser schedules compared to the killer schedules that they normally do.They need rest too so let just be patient and hope for the best
  21. If I'm not mistaken,Dani gonna debut with T-ara next January which was supposed to be this December but somehow,they postponed it.And that also means that T-ara is not going to make a comeback next month but in two months time. About the acting schedules thing,KKS has always say something that contradicts his other statements,LOL.First he said Eunjung can't accept any more offer due to the tight schedules (tours, etc) but in another news he said Jiyeon put off her college education due to acting schedules+other music schedules.
  22. "With Jiyeon's and T-ara's activities in Japan and her acting career,Jiyeon is already going to have a full schedule so she will delay her college education. Kim Kwang Soo never really learned from his mistakes,does he,eh? First,he said in the beginning of the year that T-ara wouldn't get involve in any acting schedules as they wanted to focus on their music careers first.But before you even realize it,BAM!! three of them (were supposedly) acted at the same time although only one managed to end her drama filming.And then,came his famous quotes to date saying that he will kick out any members who think highly of themselves and they need to compete in order to win (OMG,I'm thinking of those predators that I watched from Nat Geo where early bird gets the worm and he implies this to the girls).He also love adding more and more members to the point where he can create an orchestra in two years time because for him,more members,more $$$. Just recently,Eunjung was said to decline a drama schedule because as said by CCM " Eunjung will on top of the Asian Tour be doing music promotions schedules in Japan during the first half of next year. She has no time to star in Korean movies or dramas because of the wide Asian schedule until the 2nd half of the year.". And suddenly this news came out saying that Jiyeon will have acting careers+Asian Tours+Comeback and such.Whoa,Mr Kwang can predict the girls' futures because as far as I know,none of them have been offered to act yet apart from Eunjung. As much as I want to see T-ara on TV,why don't he let T-ara on hiatus for a while?All of them have suffered greatly from the infamous scandal and the effect is still going on pretty strong.If they can have it,they can rest both their physical and mental aspects while Jiyeon can pursue her studies.But knowing how greedy he is,he won't stop the girls until they drop. Yay!!!More members will be admitted to their third home a.k.a the hospitals!!
  23. THIS. Well said my friend.Call me narrow-minded or anything but ever since Hyoyoung said something quite rude that shouldn't be said to her sister's group members,I thought that was just too much.Of course,T-ara also is not purely innocent and they are wrong too while Hyoyoung probably just want to protect her younger sister but her words just make people hated T-ara more.I don't know if this just because I'm too into T-ara ....Uggghh.. And Dani...Gosh..I'm not sure if I can handle her presence once she's officially in T-ara.She,just like you've said,casted randomly on the streets by a pedo bear a.k.a Mr Kim Kwang Devil and thought "Hey,you're sooo fit in if I throw you into T-ara!!" without ANY dancing and singing experience.On top of that,she can barely speaks Korean. I noticed that Dani is very closed with the rest of 5Dolls members but she seems extremely awkward to befriend with T-ara members.Gee,why don't KKS just put Dani in 5 Dolls.Every party will be glad that way. But of course,I put the blame on KKS for doing something everything stupid since the beginning. He shouldn't have add any member and keep the 6 members the way it is.He shouldn't have said that the girls need to compete among themselves in order to get their own spotlight.He shouldn't have give murderous schedules to the point where hospitals are basically their third home (second is probably cars or planes).The list can go on forever but let's just end it here.I shiver every time I recall his face. Sorry if I did offend anyone with my words.*Bow*
  24. ^ With the unstoppable schedules that they have,I'm not really surprised though....The ONLY good thing about the controversy is they probably have lesser schedules than planned.If not,we can expect more members to falling sick each day..
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