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  1. Which video??Because I've only heard her said "Hello,I'm Soyeon" in Press Conference.I was hoping that she would say more since I knew she has a relatively good English (well,compared to others ).
  2. LOL,sometimes pushing each other doesn't really mean anything.If you have watched all of T-ara's variety shows,you might have noticed that they "bully" each other.Punching,hitting,mocking,different ideas,etc but that scenario is EXTREMELY normal in any society in this world.All those so-called evidences by so-called fans are fabricated and the truth were twisted. HOWEVER,as a QUEEN'S myself,I don't deny you-know-who was been ostracized from the group.In fact,I'm not even surprised if any of them feel envy towards the new girl,Areum (and Hwayoung) since she has been receiving a lot of attentions lately.Not to mention she has more lines than all of the group members excluding our two main vocalists.Jealousy is a very common feeling especially if you're a girl.
  3. LOL,I thought I was the only one who thought that.Even though my English is nowhere good,but sometimes it does bother me that lines is a bit... But then,it happens to most groups too. I have nothing against Dani but she better be good in English.She can't even introduce herself properly in Korean and other members need to help her and I wonder how she gonna speak with others because as far as I'm concern,only a few of them can speak English.It'll sure take her a lot of time to practice the pronunciation - not to mention that she (and of course,plus the 7 girls) need to learn new choreography for EACH song. Hurm,I can be 100% positive that CCM won't use Hwayoung's rap anymore since she's no longer in the company (means they are no longer bound by a contract) and it's illegal for them to do that.Oh,please,CCM,don't use that flashy thing that you used for I Go Crazy Because of You and Day By Day!!Seriously,up till now,I can't even manage to watch them without getting a headache. Although I,too want Eunjung or Hyomin to take over Hwayoung's part,the possibility is quite narrow because during the HK showcase,Ahreum sang and pardon me,but it sounds...ahem...terrible.Moreover,Since CCM said Ahreum was supposed to lower Soyeon's burden as main vocalist (pfft,burden my ass),there's a high chance that it will happen this way. If she really will sing that part,then we can't do anything but you can be sure that both of them may feel slightly hurt and offended since a newcomer came and got to sing a lot of lines - not to mention that they're both originals members of T-ara.In fact,I think even all of them will feel the same.
  4. I'm a girl but I've always feel that a girl looks hotter when she's wearing pant,LOL. This is my favorite oufit of Sexy Love because to be frank,I'm not really fond of their mini skirts and such on their previous performances. And yes,like some already said before,this outfit reminds me of 'I'm Really hurt" period back in 2010.
  5. .Three days?Well,I'm glad that they'll spend 3 days in my country but as long as the girls are still stuck with CCM,the word "holiday" will never exist.
  6. LOL,one thing for sure is that I doubt they gonna provide them with those cars because it's rare to see the those type of cars on the road It doesn't really matter what special treatment they gonna give to T-ara,but as long as their safety in Malaysia is secured and both fans and T-ara have a blast,it's more than enough for me.
  7. Hong Kong QUEEN'S,please take good care of our girls,alright? LOL,I bet antis will say that CCM loves to exaggerate things.Anyway,for those who will attend their showcase,have fun and keep supporting them!! I was hoping they will sing their non-promoted songs but these are alright...
  8. It was said that an "incident" happened in the Music Bank backstage so they didn't want them to add fuel to the fire (which I find is a total BS)However,after seeing most music shows allowing them to perform but nothing happen,they would probably regret it and said "Damn,I should have let them perform in the first place!!"
  9. Although South Korea citizens still can't accept T-ara yet,at least most international fans got their back and I've seen a lot of positive comments on articles saying they support them.While this incident might be a black ocean (or rather a black puddle),it is far better than SNSD black ocean back in 2008. Hong Kong QUEEN'S and Malaysia QUEEN'S,I hope you treat our girls well.Don't be like some immature Korean citizens alright? This reminds me of JYJ.They were banned to perform in their own country but having a world tour that was very successful.
  10. Hurm,it's 12.20 pm in Korea right now but LOEN hasn't upload the music video yet....KKS,don't troll us!! Am I the only QUEEN'S who feel that CCM released too many versions??
  11. Well,apparently no one at the moment can beat T-ara on the chart since they are leading the poll by miles. Hopefully they can win the Mnet Countdown.We QUEEN'S will be so happy by them.And the haters/antis would be so pissed off,LOL.
  12. Don't worry.I'm pretty positive that sooner or later the girls will do a live performance.I'm dying to see it.Live or not,I don't really mind though.It's been a while since we saw all of them on stages together because of all those so-called evidences.If they do a live performance,I'd screaming my lungs out.Well,haters to the left Am I the only one who isn't really fond of their lollipop outfit?? I'd prefer the first outfit of this performance.Very simple but it stands out more.
  13. I don't know why a lot people have been commenting on how hideous Hyomin's wig look.I personally think that she looked good,though I still prefer her long hair.But come on ahjushi stylists,change Qri's grass alike hair.It looks....weird,to be honest .Maybe because after almost 3 years,this is her first time with a short hair and I don't really get used to it yet. I prefer their first outfit rather than the second one.It shows their slender body with the long pants and it makes them looks sexier,LOL.Anyway,thank you for posting their GIFS here.
  14. Oh they DID performed live in Music Core?Because since they are going to Jeju Island for KPOP Nature Concert 2012 to perform there today,.it's understandable that they pre-recorded the performance.Sigh,why they didn't broadcast the live one.... I really love their first outfit!!But the SailorMoon outfit on the other hand make me LOL.Anyway,I'm looking forward to see their next performances on KPOP Nature Concert and Inkigayo.
  15. Really?Would you mind giving us the link?Aaah,this is such a great news.I hope Sexy Love can get as successful as Lovey Dovey and Roly Poly (although I knew it's pretty impossible considering the controversy is still relatively fresh in Korea and the song barely manage to grab TOP 3 spot in most charts T_T) Anyway,I hope the best for them and what is the important thing is they are doing fine.
  16. Nope,they did screamed her name.The names go like this: Jeon Boram,Lee Qri,Park Soyeon,Ham Eunjung,Park Hyomin,Park Jiyeon,Lee Areum T-ara [something in Hangul].Go! If you listened to their MR Removed,it will become much clearer.
  17. Wow,I'm touched and glad that despite the controversy,the fanchant is still very loud.Proud of to both QUEEN'S and T-ara!! What impressed me the most is that they sang LIVE on the first time comeback performance (although some parts are lip-synced).This is a great performance. Good to hear that Areum's rap part doesn't sound so robotic-ish like in the music video. And,WTF?Eunjung's high notes??? Everyone,give a big round of applause!!It's been a while since she hit a high note live!Even though she is not my most favourite member,I gotta say,she did awesome. Soyeon and Hyomin did a great job on the chorus parts - as always,duh! Boram,Qri and Jiyeon did great too.Hey Boram,you look hot with short hair and Jiyeon,your killer eyes is killing the QUEEN'S.Oh and Qri...,please change your hair colour T_T Although this is pre-recorded,'m very satisfied with this perfomance.Can't wait to see the next tomorrow.
  18. Well,it ain't T-ara if they only release 1 type of music video per song,LOL. Since the Lies era,they have been releasing at least 2 music videos - which sometimes,I don't think it's really necessary to be honest. Yeah,there's a lot of MV to watch.In my opinion,CCM shouldn't have released the "dance version" but released only the robot version because obviously it is much clearer and we don't have to suffer from a headache,lol,the drama version (of course!) and lastly the dance practice.I love seeing a group releasing a dance practice because we get to know what the members are doing at the same time.
  19. Yes,this is awesome.To be honest,they don't have to release the first video.It has too many cut scenes and it changed abruptly.Luckily there's no annoying flashes or something.Phew! In this video,each member's solo time are increase and that's a great improvement.They should have done it in the first place.
  20. Whoa??Wait,what?? So a bunch of kids dancing to T-ara's latest song called Sexy Love?Is this really appropriate to begin with?Ugh,it is such a disgust knowing that KKS is such a pedo!Seriously,when I was at their age,I don't even know what sexy is...7 members is already enough and now they gonna add 7 more members which obviously some members' scene time will be reduce (we all know who) for the cameramen to focus on the kids too.I want to see T-ara,not a 7-9 years old kids dancing happily without knowing the meaning of the song.Sigh.... Anyway,I'm looking forward for their comeback.It's just in a couple of days.It's been a while since we last saw them on stages together.I miss them terribly. If memory serves right,they will start promoting this song starting from 6th September on M! Countdown,followed by Music Core the next day and lastly Music Inkigayo on the 9th.Oh I bet thousands of QUEEN'S who missed them will flood the YouTube site to watch their performances.Haha,me too!The "up and down" move and the "mirror" dances were great although some says that it's not Areum's voice but Hwayoung's.They added 10 layers of auto-tuned to make it sounds like hers since there's no time to record back the song but of course,we'll never know the truth. Aah,I can't wait to see them doing robot dance!I hope they'll release a dance practice video too.It'll awesome.
  21. Don't forget about Soyeon too!Ballad is Soyeon's forte But yeah,couldn't agree more.If only Soyeon,Eunjung and Hyomin a.k.a S.H.E sing in this song,it would have been 20 times better.Yeah,it's been a while since EunMin rap together.I absolutely love the song Ma Boo,TTL and Say Goodbye where Soyeon sing the chorus while EunMin rap throughout the whole song. But overall,the song is okay.Well,what do you expect,although CCM is certainly not a competent company whatsoever,one cannot deny that they make a good ballad songs (eg:Davichi's).
  22. Well,the dance version was released less than 24 hours and the drama version was released 12 hours ago so seeing that it has more than 600,000 views 100,000 views are quite impressive,actually.Let's give them a couple of days and how it'll turns out. However,I have a strong feeling that this song will do extremely well despite the controversy that is still considered fresh in South Korea.I also read somewhere that said now most Koreans begin to accepting the girls back.You (you as in general you ) can hate them all you want but you can't deny that when it comes to songs (especially catchy beats),they owns it. Aish,sorry for my double-posts MODS!!
  23. AMEN to that.I thought after the eye-flashing scenes in I Go Crazy Because of You,they would stop doing it but boy,I was wrong.I too,couldn't finished watching the video without having a headache.The flashes made me dizzy and the scene changed abruptly. Although Sexy Love dance version's scenes change every 2 seconds,at least there is no annoying flashes that will disturb us from continuing watching the video.Yup,like you,I've been repeating the dance version more than 4 times,LOL.And the drama version?Hands down.No need to say anything anymore.3 of them are actresses and 2 of them are actresses since they were little and there's no surprise that the drama turns out to be mega awesome.The storyline is pretty good although the "Dani-ah" repetition is a bit cheesy. No lies.This controversy definitely has helped T-ara to be a more well-known girl group of South Korea although one cannot argue it has tarnished the girls' good image greatly.I bet there are some antis/haters out there who used to hate T-ara might have fall in love with them after listening to the song.No kidding,it happens to me too but the singers are not them,LOL.I have a feeling this song will be a hit song just like their Bo Peep Bo Peep,Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey as judging from the history,T-ara will always do awesomely well in charts with catchy songs and no doubt Sexy Love is their next hit song.Day By Day did relatively well considering that they were against hot competitors plus the whole controversy that blew up in the middle of the promotions and they had to stop it immediately. I'm glad that our girls come back strong as ever.We,QUEEN'S we always support T-ara and hope both the song and them do well
  24. Hehe,I'm faster than you.I've already downloaded it to my computer so it's easier for me to watch to again and again By the way,when they gonna released Sexy Love drama version?It 12.30 am in Korea right now but only 2 versions were released by LOEN. To be honest,I'm looking forward to watch the drama version the most but the dance version looks pretty awesome.It's just that once again,the scene change every 2 seconds. The song is catchy and the choreography is indeed fun!!!I definitely see an awesome future both T-ara and the song.
  25. Wow,a lot of QUEEN'S feel disappointed with T-ara's newest ballad song,Day and Night.Well,know what,count me in.I,too feel extremely frustrated with the song.When I first heard they gonna produce another ballad song,I thought it might sound as good as Don't Leave (one of my favourites) but now it seems that we have been cheated. Three persons will be involved and ONLY Areum will sing this.I believe this is one of the moves by CCM to promote her,don't you think so?Yes,this could boost her popularity but,Eunjung and Hyomin can rap fiercely too....hurm....Anyway,we should give Areum a chance and let say how the song gonna turn up.I hope she will not sing only 3-4 lines in that song.It serves no purpose then. And yes,agreed with Lilah,how they gonna promote this song on the shows?Don't tell me they won't.Ballad is Soyeon's forte and once again,CCM wasted her talent.Hooray!!Way to go,KKS.You really know how to manage your girl group. However,4 music videos in one go,don't you guys think it's a little bit rush?Oh well,no matter what,I'm gonna watch ALL 4 within an hour.I miss my girls damn much.
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