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  1. Ring-galing-galing

  2. ahaha xD Hyomin is so funny and adorbs! can't believe she's gonna be a photographer for 9 plus 8 days!
  3. T-ara is not T-ara if they change the members.. might as well change the name :{ this is so sad! their fanbase might go down i'll literally cry if they change the members! T-ara is T-ara with the members now! Look at SNSD! they've been together for 5 years with no changes except for the concept! so why oh why must they change T-ara?? Is there no petition against this? seriously! ugh. WHY CHANGE IT!? FUUUUUUU! okay rant over.
  4. yayy!~ now they can relax! i bet they're really excited for this ^^ good for them
  5. wahh~ gonna miss them in dramas!! but still! T-ara is expanding their fan base! ahh! and a concert! can't wait!!
  6. T-ara goodies~~ i want some ^^

  7. ahh~ T-ara and 2PM! perfect combi! Eunjung! please be on stage soon~ frankly, i prefer you more than Boram in Lovey Dovey performances
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