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    curiosity reacted to Jiyeonholic in [12.07.20] T-ara's 20,000 seat concert dates at Budokan are sold out   
    T-Ara is so great! I hope they can have a concert here in the Philippines also.. >_<
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    curiosity reacted to PrincessT-ara in [12.06.22] T-ara's ninth member Dani, "I want to join T-ara on stage before December!"   
    Here comes the whiny 14 year old, who had no interest or prior training in singing or dancing before being selected to be in the group, wanting to be on stage with established members in less than half a year of training. She clearly just wants to get all the fame and attention that T-ara has earned over the years without having to wait until December to do it. She wants to get on stage so she can hear people cheer for her and shout out her name without a clear understanding of how the Korean music industry works as well as how she'll possibly be perceived. I feel quite sorry for her as she comes across as not having a clue about what she's getting into. I seriously hope they reconsider her joining the group as she seems to be giving CCM a headache already with her request. She has no regard of how her joining the group can affect the others and is solely concerned about getting on stage just to be there. Exactly what I'd expect out of a 14 year old but not a future member of T-ara.
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    curiosity reacted to randall in [POLL] Worse Concept?   
    I LOVED WAYBLT's outfits, they were gorgeous imo. That and LTFT were one of T-ara's chicest concepts.
    That's the bad part of Yayaya though, they're promoting a stereotyped image of Native cultures. There's a good post here explaining why Yayaya was such an ignorant concept.
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    curiosity reacted to kenzo in [POLL] Worse Concept?   
    Yayaya. No contest. Yayaya is the worst concept in the history of the worst concept. It's also a bit racist IMO
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    curiosity reacted to iam diadem in [SPAZZ] T-ara's Roly Poly in Running Man   
    Running man ep 80.u can watch it at kshownow.hyomin keep asking gary things in running man haha
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    curiosity reacted to Suna in [12.06.06] T-ara's Dani personally scouted on the streets by Kim Kwangsoo, "An unrefined jewel"   
    Isn't it unusual to scout someone from the STREET to an already established girl group? That seeing a child on the street made KKS think "HMM THIS GIRL IS WHAT T-ARA IS MISSING."
    When you think about this, really think about it, it should dawn on everyone that Dani was recruited for nothing else except her age. If she had been a talented youtube cover singer, a model, a child actress, anything at all it would have at least been excusable. One could at least have speculated that KKS was putting thought into how he manages his top girl group. "Hey maybe this little girl shows great promise, maybe she's passionate about singing, maybe she's a good dancer, maybe her english speaking skills will take T-ara to the next level." But no. Knowing she was cast from the street at 12 years old and thrown into a 3 year old girl group just makes it obvious there was no thinking involved.
    KKS literally took to the streets and picked up a random little girl, to show T-ara that he's their slave master and rub in in their face that he makes them. That their talents mean nothing. That they are his pawns and easily replaceable. He's despicable.
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    curiosity reacted to lovelychaerin21 in [12.05.31] T-ara's Dani rejects 200 million won CF offer, "Too busy learning choreography"   
    I thought so too, she is okay looking but not really worth 200 million won or whatever?? and anyway how will a cosmetic company sell anything with an unkown face?? usually they make cf's with famous people not with an unkown CHILD.
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    curiosity reacted to Lumpy in [12.05.31] T-ara's Dani rejects 200 million won CF offer, "Too busy learning choreography"   
    How can a 14-year-old girl can be a sexy look member of our T-ara
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    curiosity reacted to love_t-ara in [12.05.14] T-ara's foreign fans rush to join their official fanclub, "QUEEN'S"   
    Me want to join, anyway I am a boy , Queen is for girls- then am I King? . he he... rather chose Prince..
    WANNA OPEN "PRINCE" fanclub for T-ARA male fans, lol
    Any page Queen's official page in English?
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    curiosity got a reaction from etnies in [11.02.26] Quick News - Top 20 artists with top total album sales : T-ara #12   
    Hmm.. something doesn't seem right about the chart.. Some data omitted, perhaps?
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