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  1. My external hard disk containing all Jiyeon's and T-ara's old videos is not working anymore!!! Now I lost all the videos INCLUDING HEROES T________T

  2. This is like a dream come true for me lol I can finally buy only my bias's cd without having to pay for something that include members I dislike that will make me uncomfortable. These are the cds I would not think twice about buying. Edition C and G, take my money ^3^ Hope there will be MVs too.. And this means they will perform those songs in their Japanese concerts. I will finally get to see Jiyeon perform her solo song live and EunMinYeon subunit
  3. From what I read on wiki, pachinko is about gambling so yeah they are being hypocritical lol Stop defending them like everything they did are right..This wouldnt happen if CCM didnt release a press statement boasting about that alcohol cf.
  4. Almost running out of money for food.........

  5. Fever, cold, cough, gastritis... 4 in 1

  6. Leaving for good..bye bye~

  7. The more I think about Jiyeon's career, the more I hate hwayoung..

  8. The only word I can see is acting. Dying to see Jiyeon in a drama again.
  9. Food.....I want food.....so....hungry.....

  10. 2 more days till food arrive...FOOD FOOD FOOD

  11. Next comeback will be about dani, so I should wait for the next next comeback then...

  12. lol that selca has already released agessssss ago Damn, I already forgot about dani. The next comeback will be about the new member again.................................................... Still keeping hope that dani will not join..
  13. How can I start studying when there are mountains of unorganized notes..

  14. Copying others' work like a boss

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