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  1. I honestly still can't believe this is going to happen. I'm really going to miss 7-ara. I don't see the point of adding the 2 new members. T-ara has worked hard to get to where they are. These two members are just being put into an already successful group. Don't see CCM's logic.
  2. Ummm.. she may be cute and can speak english but SERIOUSLY? A 14 (prob. US age = 13) year old girl in T-ara? Excuse me, but when did T-ara become so ... I honestly am afraid of T-ara's future. And shouldn't she be in SCHOOL? Glad she's not rushing her debut though. I personally think that she should train more and be put in a new group. Sorry, Im like attacking her when I should be attacking CCM for making the decision.
  3. Oh. They look absolutely lovely in their uniforms. I would love for one day, T-ara to be the ones delivering my chicken. Not some weird old guy. ^^ Thanks for sharing!
  4. When I first saw the title, I thought it said that T-ara signed with another management company. I was silently cheering. And then the article came up and I got disappointed. But I guess its a good thing. If they leave CCM, at least they can still be actresses?
  5. Thats really cool. Wish I could go to Korea. So jealous of anyone who goes there! T-ara should make their own clothing line. They are all really pretty and fashionistas! I'm sure it would do well!
  6. Seems like they are having a ton of fun!! SoYeon looks great in her outfit and Hyomin looks so natural!!
  7. Thanks so much for sharing!! T-ara looks lovely as always! SoYeon looks so sweet!
  8. I really like Qri's outfit! Looks really pretty!! HwaYoung looks so cute in the 2nd photo!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. OMG! I am craving for some fried chicken now!! Qri looks so cute in the 2nd photo.!
  10. Im really excited about this!! Cant wait for the release. But are they changing the song up a bit to include the two new members? Or is it 7-ara doing the Japanese Version? Probably just 7-ara cause of the way the cover looks. Looking forward to new stuff from their Jewelry Box album!!
  11. I find it really funny how they only banned it after promotions are already done with. Silly commission.! XP
  12. JiYeon looks really pretty in school uniforms. Must be the fact that she IS still a student I think. Loving JiYeon's smile!! So pretty!
  13. yeah. They look really cute in the waiter dress wear. I love how like (I think) almost every Kpop group is a model for a chicken brand. SNSD ... F(x) ... now T-ara Except Shinee. Onew. ... must be hard for him.
  14. EunJung looks really lovely! But just wondering ... what's the connection between cupcakes and some security thing? lol. XD Hope to see T-ara taking more CF offers!! Thanks for sharing!!
  15. Love their airport fashion! They have quite a fashion sense. I especially love JiYeon's outfit! Qri's in the last photo right? She's holding a teddy bear? Cutie!! Thanks for sharing!!
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