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  1. Hmmmmmmm not sure if i should go and learn there cuz so many korean girlssss are soooo beautifulll omg omg omg
  2. Oh no ! I really love her right now LOL Aerum I love you!
  3. FUUUU I SAW KKS OMG OMG OMG (LOL) T-ARA Hwaiting!! i love u guys u guys r so friendlyy i wish i was therw
  4. omg im not happy that they will add 2 more members but atleast they don't replace anyone !gosh! Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  5. omg at first i thought it was a camera CF lol anyway Jiyeon is so freaking cute love u Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  6. I can't wait to subscribe that youtube channel omg
  7. Hwayoung ahh you're so cute and pretty that's why i started to love you since u become very new in T-ara Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  8. what is this? can someone pls explain.... i dont understand anything about the title and the pic just see the doctor massaging hyomin so is this a show ? or she's tired or what????
  9. YAYYYY So finally my dream came true , this is what i ask for since 5month ago Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  10. Soyeon eye is so sweet but why she doesn't look happy? She look a bit mad ... Just saying Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  11. So UEE is jealous because her topic is not a big issue? LOL Oh my poor Jiyeon why is so many people jealous of you but i will alway be on your side don't worry Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  12. They look really really cute Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  13. So kind~~my T-ara is perfect Beautiful,Pure,Talented,cute and kind Eunjung Soyeon Hwayoung Forever
  14. They both look so pure and beautiful especiall Soyeon her eyes is soo sweet and the camera angle make both of them so beautiful Eunjung,Soyeon,Hwayoung Forever ♥
  15. Thx for the pictures ^^ they are so cute as the presenter especially Eunjung and Soyeon ^^ Eunjung,Soyeon,Hwayoung Forever ♥
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