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  1. Oh my god i love seeing Jijungmin together. HyoMin invited the two of them into her house and made a supper cool dinner, isnt that like a family? so kute, im look forward to this show.
  2. I really wanna see Eun Jung and Ji Yeon together but it's fine if Hyo Min replace when jiyeon healing. Jijungmin should be together everytime.
  3. I want them get Perfect Kill but Allkill is good, too. The song really deserved no.1. T-ara fightint!!!
  4. They were not stay together in the dorm for 6 months. I wonder why was it? The girls need to gather around 24/24. Get them together now please.
  5. The orchestra of 70 musical artists really impressed !!! but still, they need to improve more of their voices. So Yeon unnie get well soon !
  6. Today is July 9th. dance version, where is it? im waiting for it ^^
  7. I love the way they're standing together after 3 years !!! T-ara fighting, this comeback gonna be hard because of 2ne1 and suju comeback too. But us Queen's will love only T-ara without a doubt.
  8. Is the rating higher because of Jungie? Yes of course. Our fans will be there for her anytime.
  9. I enjoy the performance by looking at their eyes, half of them now in sickness and poor So Yeon. Why they dont let other member sing that line for So Yeon, I beg thay able to do it. anyway, I support our T-ara no matter what happen !!!
  10. What if it's a love story between 2 women in the picture. or a connection that link them together. anyway, i love eun jung'style here. so cool.
  11. They dont come to Vietnam it's always Thailand and Japanese and Taiwan and somewhere else. Im sad. I really hope they can come here for once to know how much we love T-ARA in vietnam. anyway, 500.000 copies fighting!!!
  12. Oh, but didn't ccm say that they wont appear in the movie until next years??? i think they cant take this right now, the concert in summer really need to be focused
  13. i like hyomin's hairstyle. seem she's into it from here. the photo she tweeted yesterday about female artists is the same hairstyle with this. really cool.
  14. they're all singers from CCM, it's not new since we already knew this style of combination of CCM, but I just look forward to this MV because of Eun Jung
  15. I dont see any male charactor in the poster, will it be a love story of these 2 girls =)) anyway, Eun Jung is so beatiful, her hair and her eyes look gorgeous
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